Marimar episode 40 – The one where Marimar sees Sergio

October 21, 2007

Marimar Episode 40 – The one where Marimar sees Sergio
Antonio and Sergio lounge in Sergio’s suite as they drink some beers.  Antonio is quite impressed with his friend, exclaiming that Kim really has the hots for the handsome racer.  Sergio tries to be modest and asks his friend not to put any malice into the relationship.  Antonio tells his friend to stop playing the innocent.  They both know Kim is interested in Sergio and Antonio adds that Sergio is quite lucky with Kim being pretty, sexy and terribly rich.
Sergio admits, “Aaminin ko, I find her attractive.”  But he shows Antonio his wedding ring and reminds his friend that he is still in love with his wife and he is still very much a married man.  Antonio rejects this telling Sergio that with Marimar gone, perhaps with another man, Sergio is free as a bird. 
Marimar who is still in her housemaid outfit and Kim are in the hospital.  Marimar cries, worried about baby Cruzita as Kim tries to console her.  We can see Kim’s good side here, taking pity on a mother and daughter in grave need.  She wants to leave but soon changes her mind seeing how distraught Marimar is.
Antonio is still convincing his friend to stop brooding and feeling sorry for himself and get on with his life.  He tells the racer that it’s like hitting two birds with one stone.  On the one hand, he will be able to forget about Marimar and on the other; he will also be making Kim a very happy woman.  Sergio tells his friend that he doesn’t want to use Kim just because he wants to forget about Marimar.  For one thing he is still in love with Marimar. 
If he does move on, he tells Antonio that he will fall in love again in due time, without using or hurting anyone in the process.  He confesses he already made that mistake, when he used Marimar to get back at Angelika and he didn’t like what he did in retrospect.
Antonio told him that what he did although quite immoral turned out to be effective.  He was able to move on and forget his feelings for Angelika and in time he did fall for Marimar.  So may be he can use the same tactic to forget Marimar and fall for Kim.
Sergio admits he did do that, to spite Angelika but now he is truly in love with Marimar and he wants to be sure that she had left him before he makes any sudden decisions.  He is still married to her and he still loves her.  His one big regret is not being able to realize his own feelings earlier so he could have told his wife how he truly feels for her.  Antonio persists that Sergio should move on.  It seems that Marimar had already forgotten about him.
Renato is preparing to leave for a meeting with some investors in Cebu.  Angelika and Monica walk him toward the lobby where Diego is loading his suitcase into the car that will take him to the airport.  He tells his wife that Angelika is also booked for the same trip the very next day.  He promised her a couple of days in Siargao after this business trip.  Angelika sweetly tells her husband to have a safe flight and sees him off. 
With Renato safely away, Monica teases her friend, “How sweet….how plastic.”  But Angelika is oblivious.  She is happy and asks Monica to come help her pack.  When her friend asks her where she is going, Angelika just replies, “When the cat is away, the mouse will play.”
Sergio picks up objects from his bed and puts them in his bag.  He dials Kim’s number and tells her that he is ready to go.  Kim, still with Marimar in the hospital tells Sergio about her encounter and tells him she will be late.  Sergio offers to come by the hospital to pick her up but she tells him the rest of the team may get anxious so it’s best that he go directly to their meeting.  She promises to follow as soon as she’s done and both mother and baby are okay.  Kim tells Sergio that it looks like the mother doesn’t have any money to pay for the bills and she feels compelled to help her.  Sergio finds it encouraging to know that Kim has a compassionate side and encourages her to stay and he will take care of the team meeting.
Kim cuts her conversation with Sergio and goes over to Marimar who is still standing by the doorway taking a peek at the doctor and nurse who are attending to baby Cruzita.  Kim asks her if she is OK and she replies that she will be once she knows that her baby is also fine.  She tells Kim, “Pasensiya ka na sa abala ha?” (Please forgive the troubles I’ve caused you.)  Kim assures Marimar that it’s alright.
The doctor comes out and tells them that the baby is ok.  He gives Marimar a prescription for some medicines for her baby.  Marimar stares at it without any clue on what to do so Kim takes the prescription from her and tells her that she will take care of everything.  Kim leaves as Marimar stays to wait for baby Cruzita to be released.
Innocencia and her mom are quite worried about Marimar and baby Cruzita.  Innocencia tells her mother she shouldn’t have allowed Marimar to leave by herself.  Knowing how naive she is, she and the baby could be in grave danger now than waiting a while for her so she could come with them.  Fulgoso tells them, but of course they don’t hear it, that a beautiful lady helped Marimar and Cruzita.  Troubled about the fate that may have befallen mother and child, Innocencia tells her mother that she is going to go and look for them and leaves.
Kim is back and sits beside Marimar in the waiting area.  She gives her the medicines for the baby and tells her that she paid for the hospital bill as well.  Marimar admits to Kim that she doesn’t have any money with her.  Kim assures her that it’s alright and that she settled the bill and the medicine which are not that expensive anyway. 
Kim asks Marimar about her husband and she tells her that her husband has left her.  She asks Kim whether she is married and Kim admits that she was indeed before.  She adds, “Mga ex lang naman natin ang gago.” (Only our exes are assholes.) as she tells Marimar about a crush that she is pursuing.  Marimar is surprised to know that Kim is the one making the moves to win a man.  Kim tells her why should being a woman stop her from pursuing a man?  She tells Marimar that what men can do, women also can do the same.  Marimar tells her that for sure, Kim’s crush would fall for her soon as she is not only pretty but also kind-hearted.  Kim hopes that would be the case.  She them introduces herself to Marimar and Marimar tells her that she is Bella.  Kim even says, “Nice name.”
Kim is dining with Sergio and she is filling him in on her encounter with Bella and her daughter.  Sergio suggests to hire Bella to be part of their company to help her further but Kim admits she forgot to ask for the woman’s address.  When the lady regrets this too, Sergio teases her, saying, “Wala ka ba talagang ibang alam gawin kundi tumulong sa mga taong iniwan ng asawa?” (Don’t you know anything but help people who have been abandoned by their spouses?)  Kim playfully replies, “Ewan ko ba, ito na yata ang role ko sa buhay.” (I don’t know, this seems to be my role in life.)
Marimar arrives home with Cruzita who is now very much asleep.  Innocencia and her mom are both relieved to know that the baby is going to be okay.  Marimar tells them about the kind and beautiful lady who helped her and even paid for everything.  She realizes that she must be around for her daughter should she get sick again.  She cannot bear to be far from her when emergencies like this occur.  She has decided to tell her employer the next day and face whatever consequence will result from her honesty.  Innocencia’s mom realized Marimar still has not eaten and hurries to the kitchen to prepare some food for her.  Marimar and Innocencia look lovingly at the sleeping Cruzita.
Marimar is back at the Aldama mansion and she serves snacks to Gustavo who is reading at the living room.  She tells Gustavo the truth about her emergency the day before, admitting that it was her daughter who had to be taken to the hospital and not her friend’s mother as she told earlier.  Gustavo asks how her baby is doing now and she replies that Cruzita is now alright.  However she has decided to leave rather than jeopardize her job at the mansion.  Gustavo tells her that she should have been honest in the first place and told him she has a daughter.  Marimar reasoned that one of the conditions clearly set by Esperanza was that the housemaids should all be single.  She wanted the job so much she lied about her child.
Monica calls up Angelika and asks where she is.  Angelika tells her friend that she is in Manila and she will be looking for Sergio.  When Monica aired her fears of getting caught by Renato, Angelika tells her to be positive, “Wag ka ngang nega!” and that she’d be sure to be back before Renato is due.  She has also instructed Perfecta what to say should Renato come back unexpectedly.  She tells Monica to do the same, tell Renato she is in her bedroom, sleeping to stall for time.
Gustavo tells her that he will not accept her decision to quit her job.  When Marimar asks how she can continue to serve him and look after her daughter, Gustavo suggested that Marimar take Cruzita and they both live in the mansion.  There are many vacant bedrooms for servants and he would be happy to give mother and daughter a place to stay.  This way, he reasons, she can do her chores and have time to look in on her daughter.  This makes Marimar very happy and she thanks Gustavo for his kindness.  He tells the young mother to get ready as he will accompany her to collect her daughter on his way to a meeting.
Esperanza is livid with anger when she heard what Gustavo proposed to Marimar.  Esperanza feels Bella wouldn’t be able to do her chores properly with her checking in on her daughter after a few minutes.  Esperanza, vexed, tells her cousin, “Bakit hindi ka na lang nag-ampon?”  Stating that it is the same to adopting someone.  Gustavo disliked his cousin’s tone so he retorted, “Wala akong paki-alam kung halos wala nang matrabaho si Bella, basta gusto ko dito lang siya.  Panatag ang loob ko sa kanya.”  (I don’t care if Bella would be unable to do most of her chores but I want her to stay here.  I feel comfortable having her near.)  He also adds that should Esperanza feel the need for another housemaid, then she can go ahead a hire one.  He is the one paying for their salaries anyway.
Esperanza seethes as she discusses this recent development with her housemaid confidant.  The housemaid warns her that Marimar may be charming her way into Gustavo’s heart.  Esperanza assures her that she will be there to ensure that this never happens.  She promises to make Marimar’s life a living hell.
Gustavo and Marimar enter the lobby of a five star hotel.  Marimar is wearing her housemaid’s uniform and looks like a housekeeping staff of the hotel.  Gustavo tells someone on the phone that he will meet with him in five minutes.  He asks Marimar to wait for him in the hotel’s coffee shop.  He tells the waiter to give Marimar whatever she wants and that he will return to pay for the bills.  He tells Marimar that the reason why she took her with him is so that they can pick-up her daughter and also buy necessary things for her baby on the way.  Marimar thanks Gustavo again for his kindness and exclaims at how beautiful the hotel is.
A waiter hands Marimar a menu.  She asks him, “Ano po ito?” (What is this?)  He answers, “Menu po” but Marimar just gazes at the menu.  He asks her, “Ano po ang gusto nyong orderin?” (What would you like to order?) and Marimar asks whether they have any noodles.   The waiter tells her they have pasta, sandwiches, salad and hamburger.  Marimar recognizes the hamburger from her gastronomic forays with Sergio and orders it saying, “tapos pakilagyan mo ng keso, ha?” (Then please add some cheese okay?).  The waiter leaves to process her order.
Just then Sergio enters the same hotel but Marimar’s back is towards him so she didn’t see him come in.  Sergio walks to the reception to ask for a package. 
Meanwhile Gustavo meets a man about a crash investigation report he had requested.  The man tells him some good news that they have found a survivor at the San Martin dela Costa area.  This same survivor claims that he saw another floating body near one of the islands there.  Gustavo is glad about the report and tells the man to continue with his search.  He reminds him that money is no problem and he would even be willing to give a reward should they find any leads that would point him to finding his long, lost daughter.
Antonio and Kim are headed for the hotel to meet with Sergio.  She asks Antonio whether the car she ordered has arrived.  Antonio confirms that it will be available by tomorrow but he warns Kim that Sergio, being a very principled man, may not accept her extravagant gift.  Kim tells Antonio that if that is the case, then they should not call it a gift but rather a company car.  Antonio agress and tells the pretty woman how she really likes Sergio.  Kim disagrees.  She tells Antonio that she is crazy for Sergio.  When Antonio tells Kim that Sergio may not feel the same way for her, she replies, “I always get what I want…sooner or later… and Sergio is no exception.”
Marimar is still unaware of Sergio presence when one of the hotel staff runs to the help desk and gushes to her co-worker, “Look that’s Sergio Santibanez the car racer.  He is more handsome in person!”  Marimar stops, looks to where they are pointing and sees Sergio.  He is opening the brown package and reading its contents thus oblivious to everyone around him.
Marimar stands and walks towards him.  We hear her voice over, “Diyos ko, anong ginagawa niya dito?  Nakabalik na pala siya sa Pilipinas.  Kailan pa?  Hinahanap niya ba ako?  Pero paano kung totoo ang mga sinabi ni Angelika noon?  Sasabihin ko ba sa kanyang may anak kami?”  (My God, what is he doing here?  So he’s back in the Philippines.  Since when?  Is he looking for me? But what if the things that Angelika said were true?  Should I tell him that we have a child?)
Marimar stops short and thinks for a while.  Then she makes her decision, “Dapat kong kausapin si Sergio.  Gusto kong marinig sa mga labi niya kung totoong palabas lang ang mga namagitan sa amin noon.  Gusto kong malaman ang katotohanan. Karapatan ko ito bilang asawa nya, bilang ina ng aming anak.”  (I must talk to Sergio.  I want to hear from his own lips whether what we share in the past was nothing but a hoax.  I want to know the truth.  It is my right to know as his wife, as the mother of his child.)
Marimar stops and calls out his name, “Sergio.”  He is by the hotel’s huge doors.  Sergio stops and turns around.  A crowd is making its way to the hotel lobby and blocks his view.  Just then, he hears another voice calling his name, “Sergio!”  Angelika runs to embrace him.
Marimar sees them embrace.  On her face one can see that she believe Angelika’s claims: that Sergio and Angelika are indeed lovers…then, and indeed until now.


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