Marimar episode 39 – The one where Cruzita is ill

October 21, 2007

Marimar Episode 39 – The one where Cruzita got ill
Gustavo introduces himself to Marimar and our heroine almost slips, giving her true name but stops and corrects herself, telling her employer that her name is Bella Perez. Gustavo asked her why she left San Martin dela Costa and Marimar briefly talks about how she lost her parents at a young age and her grandparents raised her. Having buried them recently, she decided to find her luck in the city.

At the Villa Santibanez, Angelika is looking for Sergio and Renato is quite upset at how affected her wife still is when it comes to Sergio. He throws a fit telling Angelika to stop. Angelika retorts, “I have not time to reassure you and pacify you.”

Renato reminded his ambitious wife, “Isipin mo nasa akin ang kayamanan ng mga Santibanez.” (Remember that I have the Santibanez fortunes.) Angelika asks him, “Tinatakot mo ba ako?” (Are you scaring me?) Renato also asks, “Natatakot ka ba?” (Are you scared?) Angelika honestly answers, “Oo.” (Yes.)

Marimar and Gustavo continue to talk with the young woman telling the kindly older man a little about her past that led her to leave behind the place she grew up in: losing loved ones, starting a new life. She asks her employer if it is possible for her to go home after all her work is done. She explains that she has a friend who has a sick mother and she would like to be able to help her. Esperanza asks Marimar what she knows and the young woman replies that she can clean the house, cook and do laundry. She also asks Marimar is she has any children. She told Marimar, known to them as Bella that she wants all the house help to work properly and not get distracted by sick babies or family woes. Marimar lies about having a child and assures them that she will work really hard.

Sergio is drinking and Kim arrives. When he asks what game she is playing at, she flirts with him as she replies, “Kung gusto mo, apoy na lang laruin natin.” (If you want, we can play with fire instead.) Sergio tells Kim the reason why he is such in a sour mood. He just had an argument with his father and the older Santibanez still suspects that he has feelings for his old flame, Angelika who is not his father’s wife.

Kim comments, “Oh OK, the plot thickens. Now I know kung bakit tinaray-tarayan ako nun. She seems to think na pag-aari ka niya.” (Now I know why she was so frosty towards me. She seems to think that she owns you.) Sergio declares that Angelika doesn’t own him and that only Marimar owns him. Kim reminds Sergio that Marimar is not here, highlighting the fact that she is as she throws Sergio a look that is full of promise.

Esperanza talks sternly to Marimar, “Pumasok ka dito bilang katulong.” (You are employed here as a house help.) She continues to tell Marimar about her duties, doing her job well. “Isa ka lang serbidora. Huwag mong abusuhin ang kabaitan ni Gustavo.” (You are but a servant. Never abuse the goodness of Gustavo.) She looks at Marimar directly; Marimar can see that Esperanza is one person to fear in the Aldama residence.

Fulgoso and Fifi are now together. Fulgoso asks Fifi is she regrets leaving the comforts of the villa and being Angelika’s pet. Fifi replies that she does miss it, only when she is truly hungry. Fifi calls Fulgoso a “dogha” short for dukha na aso (a poor dog) and Fulgoso retorts that she in turn is now a “poordle” short for poor na poodle (a poor poodle).

Kim talks to Antonio over the phone confirming whether the hotel reservations she requested have been arranged. Antonio confirms and adds that he made the same for Sergio. Kim tells Sergio that everything is ready for them to begin their business venture together. She adds that she made necessary arrangements in Manila, like lodgings in a hotel suite, so they can commence their business.

Sergio sighs as he tells Kim, “Hindi mo naiintindihan and kondisyon ko, wala akong pera.” (You don’t understand my condition, I have no money.) His hesitation at joining their business venture is that he will disappoint Kim in the fact that he has no money to pump into the business.

But Kim tells him, “Hindi mo rin naiintindihan ang kondisyon ko, marami akong pera.” (You also don’t understand my condition, I have lots of money.) The rich woman tells that she will provide the capital and Sergio will be in charge of managing the business.

Marimar tells Innocencia about meeting Gustavo and Esperanza. She describes to the latter how Gustavo is so kind and easy to get along with while Esperanza could be quite difficult and stern. However Marimar assures her friend that whatever hardships come her way, she will be able to handle it because of her daughter. For Cruzita’s sake, she is strong enough to face and triumph over anything.

Sergio sits with a police officer who has now some updates for him about his wife. The police, who have been paid by Angelika, reported to Sergio that reports have come in from a nearby island that Choi and Marimar have been spotted there. It seems that they have eloped and now live in a town named San Narciso. Police are still looking for them and the reason they are unable to find them is that they knew they are being hunted down and are now possibly in hiding. Sergio is quite upset about this piece of news but still asks the police to inform him of any more updates should they receive them. On his way out, the policeman meets with Angelika and the two exchange conspiratorial glances.

Cruzita had been crying the whole day as Marimar tries her best to calm her down. Innocencia tells the young mother that she better leave for work otherwise she will be late and she doesn’t want to upset her new employers. Innocencia takes Cruzita and assures Marimar that she will look after her until she returns. Just then, she notices that the baby is running a fever. Marimar hesitates leaving her sick child but Innocencia persuades her to go to work and she will carefully monitor Cruzita’s fever.

Fifi and Fulgoso are outside the modest home Innocencia, her mother, Marimar and Cruzita share. Fifi is complaining about the racket baby Cruzita is making. Fulgoso tells her, “Masanay ka na sa ingay ng bata para pagnagkatuta na tayo, di ka na mahihirapan.” (Better get used to the noise of children so that when we have our puppies, you won’t find it difficult anymore.) Fifi exclaims she has no plans of making any puppies as she doesn’t want to ruin her perfect 12-8-12 figure.
In Gustavo’s home, three maids are cleaning the living area with Marimar among them. One of the maids scrubbing the floor calls to her saying, “Bella, mamaya manood tayo ng sine.” (Bella, let’s watch a movie later.) But Marimar does not seem to notice. When the maid calls her again, this time with a louder “Bella,” Marimar jumps, startled. She turns around and accidentally topples an expensive looking vase.

Sergio is brooding over the report the policeman had just given him about his missing wife. Angelika enters and after a knowing glance exchanged with the exiting policeman she approaches Sergio. Angelika tells her ex-boyfriend, “Bakit di mo na lang tanggapin na wala na si Marimar?” (Why don’t you just accept the fact that Marimar is gone.)

Sergio snaps back, “Bakit di mo na lang tanggapin na si Marimar lang ang mahal ko? Na iyon lang ang totoo sa lahat ng bagay na nangyayari dito?” (Why don’t you just accept that I love only Marimar. That what we have is the only true thing amidst everything else that is happening here?)

Marimar picks up the broken pieces as Gustavo arrives and sees the ruined vase. Marimar apologizes to him about it and promises that she can fix it. Gustavo tells her to forget about it, that it was only an accident. He admits he never liked the vase anyway and it was only Esperanza who liked and bought it. He even thanks the surprised Marimar for getting rid of it for him. Marimar gives out a sincere laugh, relieved that her employer is not upset.

This stops Gustavo and when Marimar asks him why, he discloses that her laugh reminded him of his dead wife’s laugh which was also inherited by his missing daughter. It is an infectious laugh. “Tulad mo rin shang tumawa, nakaka-enganyo. Namana rin iyon ng anak ko.

Then Gustavo and Marimar talk about his wife and daughter: how Lupita died and how his daughter disappeared and how he continues to search for her. Marimar encourages the kindly old man to be strong and not lose hope. She even quotes her dead grandfather, Lolo Pancho, who declared, “Habang may talangka sa dagat….may pagkain.” (As long as there are crabs in the ocean, there is food.) Unknown to the two, Esperanza and another maid, appearing to be of higher rank and is Esperanza’s confidante, listen in on their conversation. The maid warns Esperanza how Marimar is using her charms to make Gustavo like her more. Esperanza assures the maid, “Wag kang mag-alala, kung si Gustavo ay isang anghel, impyerno naman ang ipaparanas ko sa kanya.” (Don’t worry, if Gustavo is like an angel, I will be sure to let her experience hell.)

Angelika asks Perfecta who is dragging a trolley whose it is. Sergio replies that it is his. He is leaving. He tells his father, “Di ba ito naman ang gusto mo dad?” (Isn’t this what you want, dad?) Renato seems unaffected and just shrugs him off, “Ang dami mo pang salita.” (You talk too much.) Angelika is obviously upset by his leaving.

Sergio warns the couple, “Pero huwag kayong kampante dahil babalik ako at kukunin ko lahat ng pag-aari ko.” (But don’t get to complacent as I shall someday return and collect everything that is mine.) As a last attempt at sardonic humor he adds, “Of course that doesn’t include you wife.” as he looks at the sour face of Renato and Angelika.

Esperanza is fussing over Gustavo again, making sure he takes his medication. Gustavo advises his cousin to relax and take a break. He suggests that Esperanza go shopping or take a vacation.

Meanwhile Marimar is still in the Aldama residence watering the garden. Innocencia arrives with Fulgoso and tells her that Cruzita is very ill. Innocencia tried giving her some medicine but instead of getting better, her fever had gotten worse. She is already at a loss about what to do so she decided to come and tell Marimar hoping she can go home and care for her sick daughter.

Esperanza asks Gustavo who will care for him when she is gone. Gustavo suggests that Esperanza can train Bella to care for him. He confesses that he likes the young girl. He also adds his observations about Bella – she may look happy but her eyes betray a deep sadness from her past. He asks Esperanza to be kind to Bella. His cousin can only raise an eyebrow in response.

Esperanza is having a snack and Marimar enters, requesting the woman if she could be allowed to go home because of some emergency that she must deal with. Esperanza ignores her and asks for a glass of ice water. Marimar continues to beg prompting Esperanza to shout and almost choked herself in the process. Marimar hands her a glass of water but when she drinks it, she notices it is cold. She is now enraged and lashed out on Marimar first throwing water at her then ordering her to clean up the mess as she has lost all her appetite. She prevents Marimar from leaving and walks out on her.

Sergio drives off with Kim in silence. When the young lady asks why he is in such deep thought, the handsome racer confesses that he is unsure whether his decision to leave San Martin dela Costa is the right thing to do. Kim asks him why the place is so special to him. He answers that this is where he grew up and adds, “Bawat sulok ng lugar na ito, reminds me of Marimar.” (Ever corner of this place reminds me of Marimar.)

Back at Gustavo’s home, Marimar is in tears as she cleans up Esperanza’s mess. Gustavo finds her and asks why she is crying. Marimar tells him that she has to go home to care for her friend’s mother who is very ill. She almost slipped in admitting she has a sick daughter but caught herself in time. Gustavo tells her to stop crying and that he is allowing her to go. Glad to take her leave, Marimar thanks the kind gentleman and hurriedly goes home.

In Manila, Kim, Sergio and Antonio check out the hotel suites and prepare to toast. When Sergio asks what for, she replies, “I just feel like celebrating, “ then adds, “for our new partnership,” hinting at a different meaning for the word ‘partnership’. Sergio tells the young woman, “Sana hindi ka magsisi.” (I hope you won’t regret your decision.) Kim replies, “I’m lucky to have you Sergio. Who knows baka hindi lang ito ang maging relasyon natin.” (Who know, this may not be our only relationship.) The three toast to their new business.

Marimar arrives home and finds a crying and very ill Cruzita. Innocencia is not around so she took her baby as Fulgoso runs with her to the streets. She asks a lot of people for help but they all ignore her. She asks for directions to the nearest hospital but all seem to not hear her cries. Marimar is now in the middle of the road when a red Mercedes stops just time before hitting her. Kim comes out shouting, “Ano ba ang ginagawa mo sa gitna ng kalsada? Gusto mo bang magpakamatay? Muntik na kitang masagasaan!” (What are you doing in the middle of the road? Do you want to get yourself killed? I almost run you over!)

Marimar is impervious to Kim’s queries. She asks for Kim to help her bring her baby to the hospital. Kim’s anger dissolves as she see a truly distressed mother and her small infant. She agress to take them to the hospital. She tells Marimar to ride in the car with her.

In the hospital, Marimar and Kim run to a nurse who asks for some forms to get filled up first. Marimar exclaims she doesn’t know anything about that and implores her to look at her sick child. Kim demands for a doctor stating that it is an emergency. A doctor Morales arrives and takes the baby. Marimar cries in fear as Kim tries to calm her.

Sergio calls Kim and she tells him she is in the hospital helping a mother and child.


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