Marimar episode 38 – Fifi finds Fulgoso, Kim follows Sergio

October 18, 2007

Marimar Episode 38 – The one where Fifi finds Fulgoso
It’s been three months since Marimar gave birth to her and Sergio’s daughter, whom she named Cruzita Perez, claiming her child as her own without any link to the Santibanez name.
Back at the resort, Sergio is leaving for Manila.  Fifi stows away at the back of his pick-up declaring she wants to come with Sergio to look for Fulgoso who has been away for quite sometime.
In Manila, Innocencia is devotedly feeding her mother as Marimar and little Cruzita look on.  They are discussing about the fact that Innocencia would have to stay home to care for her sick mother and Marimar will have to take her place as waitress in the beerhouse they both are working for.  This would be like a promotion for Marimar who is employed there as a dishwasher.  Innocencia will also look after little Cruzita while Marimar is at work.  Marimar tells her baby daughter that her ‘aunt’ Innocencia will look after her while she’s away.  Having worked out their plans, Marimar leaves for work with the loyal Fulgoso beside her.
At the Villa Santibanez, Angelika is charming her way into Renato’s good nature to allow her a trip into the city.  She whines about being so bored in the resort and would want to go to Manila for a change of scenery.  Renato suspects that she only wants to go after Sergio who has left for Manila earlier.  He tells his wife this but she denies it telling him that all she wanted is for them to have a bit of fun.  Perfecta interrupts this little lover’s quarrel by the stairs to tell the couple about a guest who is looking for Sergio.  Angelika snaps at Perfecta for disturbing them but Renato is already a step ahead – extending his hand to shake Kim Chan’s. 
Meanwhile, the stowaway Fifi is enjoying the ride with Sergio.  She likes Manila and its different vibe.  She says, “Bagay ako dito kasi glamorosa ako,” and adds “I’m now a city dog, bongga!” (I fit here because I am glamorous. I’m a city dog now, how wonderful!)
Kim takes Renato’s hand and declares; “Now I know where Sergio got his good looks.”  She adds, “I’m Sergio’s business partner….for now.” hinting that she indeed wants more from the younger Santibanez, as she continues to eye Renato in a flirty manner prompting Angelika to but in, “Honey…let’s go na!”  Renato almost forgot his wife!  Quite flustered by the beautiful Chinese-mestiza he introduces her, still quite affected, to his wife. Angelika shakes Kim’s hand in a cold, aloof manner and imposes on Renato that they should go, totally ignoring the guest as well as marking her ownership of Renato by taking his arm.  Renato weakly concedes and bids Kim goodbye, as the new arrival is shown into her suite.
Sergio is still in his sour, surly mood.  He drinks while he drives which is not a very good combination even if he is quite sober.  He stops at an intersection as the signal turns red.  Across the intersection Marimar and Fulgoso wait to cross.   Their paths crossed without the other knowing it!  But Fifi did and she exclaims that she couldn’t believe it!  Fulgoso sees her too and barks.  Fifi screams Fulgoso’s name but the humans are left unawares.
Marimar having taken over Innocencia’s job now serves customers their ordered meals.  One customer pays her a compliment, telling her she is quite pretty.  He asks for her name and she answers, “Bella.”  He invites her to sit with her for a while, maybe join him in his meal.  Marimar declines stating plainly that she is a waitress and does not entertain guests in that way, she also adds that she has a daughter and politely leaves the table.  Boss Larry, the manager of the nightclub tells Marimar to be friendlier with their customers.  She defends that she is not that kind of woman.  A GRO (guest relations officer) overhears her comment and snaps back at her, telling her that she thinks too highly of herself.
Sergio seems to have been driving all over the city in search of something, perhaps of Marimar too.  He stops at a nearby fast-food shop where GROs from the nightclub like to eat.  A couple of GROs sigh as he walks in, admiring his good looks.  He asks them directions for the nearest petrol station.  They playfully give him directions to the beerhouse/nightclub.  Luckily a man eating on the next table butts in and gives him proper directions to the dismay of the ladies.  Sergio thanks them and leaves.  Before he drives off, Fifi jumps off from his vehicle, sensing Fulgoso to be nearby.
Marimar is watching a dance number by several girls working in the club.  She envies them as she too loves to dance and sighs that she hasn’t danced for quite some time now.  Fulgoso who had been slipped into the club by Marimar, watches with her and declares she’s a much better dancer than any of the ladies.  Boss Larry notices the mutt and Marimar excuses herself, telling her boss that she is about to let the stray dog out.  She and Fulgoso take their leave as Marimar gives a longing look at the dancing girls.
At the back of the club, Marimar sees the costumes that the dancers use.  She tries on a belly dancers skirt, shortened to a mini, and starts dancing.  We see her smile and laugh for the first time after all her troubles in the past episodes and we get a glimpse at the Marimar who used to dance in wild abandon by the beach near her grandparents hut.  She loves the jingling sound of the bells as she sa-shays her hips around.  Boss Larry catches her and she abruptly stops, apologizing to her boss.  However, Larry seems to find it nice and offers Marimar a promotion.  “Ano po ba ibig sabihin noon?” (What does that mean? – the word promotion) inquires our heroine who doesn’t really speak English.  Larry tells her that if she dons the full costume, he will offer her a better job with better pay.  In fact, he adds, he is giving her a bonus right now, handing Marimar some cash.  Marimar liked the idea of a better job and a raise and smiles as she accepts her boss’ orders.
Marimar comes out wearing the skimpy belly dancer’s outfit.  She feels uneasy and looked self-conscious.  Boss Larry calls her and tells her to stop fretting.  He introduces her to a couple of their regular customers as Bella, a new “find”.  She is told to sit with them but she refuses.  Larry forces her to sit with the men and she does so in fear of her boss, but appears to be very jittery.  The man sitting beside her starts to put his arm around her and she begins to feel more uncomfortable.  He starts to touch her arm telling her, “Ang kinis mo,” (You’re so smooth.) but she moves a few inches away.  He kisses her shoulder which prompts Marimar to stand up.  When he pulled her back to sit, she refuses and puts up a fight.  The man tries to drag her and his friend attempts to help screaming, “Ano ba, and arte mo ah?”  (What are you acting all prim and proper about?)  Just then Marimar gets holds a beer bottle from their table and smashes it onto the head of the man across the table.  Caught by surprise, the man holding her lets go and Marimar runs away.
Angelika is upset that Fifi is missing.  She lashes at Perfecta and Diego telling the latter what kind of a bodyguard is he when he cannot even keep an eye on her dog.  She goes out by the pool area to find a sexy Kim lounging at her favorite spot attended to by her own personal assistant.  Angelika bluntly tells her to move as she is occupying her spot.  Kim does not budge and says, “My oh my, someone’s getting territorial.”  She adds that perhaps the reason why Angelika dislikes her is because she flirted a little with Renato but she assures the other woman that she is not in least interested with Angelika’s husband because she is only interested in Sergio.
Unknown to Kim, she has made an enemy of Angelika by her statement.  To spite her, Angelika says, “So lumipad ka all the way from Macau to be Sergio?  Medyo desperada ka ata.” (So you flew all the way from Macau to be with Sergio?  Aren’t you a little desperate?)
Kim, still unfazed boldly replies, “Oo desperada ako.  Desperately in love with Sergio.” (Yes I’m desperate, desperately in love with Sergio.) She stands as her assistant hands her cellphone.  Kim walks the edge of the pool showing how she can use her charms on the male population with a simple, “Excuse me”.  Angelika throws daggers at Kim with her sharp glares.  Incensed at this new rival to Sergio’s heart, she declares, “Parang gusto kong pumatay ulit, this time Instik.” (I feel like killing again, this time Chinese.)   Alluding to how she had killed (to her knowledge) Marimar to get rid of any hindrances between her and Sergio.
This time, though Angelika will have to scheme harder as Kim Chan is not only as sophisticated than her (maybe even more so) but more influential and rich.  Kim is also not the type who will just take things sitting down so it would be quite interesting to see how these two would square off in future episodes.
Marimar is apologetic to Innocencia for losing her job.  She explains that she was truly scared and Innocencia reasons she shouldn’t have allowed Marimar to work alone in the first place, knowing how dangerous that place is for her naive friend.  Marimar promises to look for another job as soon as possible.  Innocencia reveals she has a few savings so Marimar shouldn’t be worried.  Our heroine thanks Innocencia and promises that she will find a job to help out with the mother and daughter who have shown nothing but kindness and support towards her.
Sergio arrives at the resort from a long night of plying the streets of Manila.  He looked tired and haggard but lights up a little when he sees Kim.    Angelika who was watching Kim from a distance saw Sergio come in first but as she moved towards the young man, Renato grabbed her and held her to him.  Kim welcomed Sergio by putting her arms around the young man’s neck and giving him a quick peck on his cheek.  She tells him that he looks terrible.  Sergio asked how long she’s been at the resort and she replies, “Long enough to miss you.”  If looks could kill, Angelika would have definitely done in Kim and perhaps Renato’s pointed looks at his own son would have done the same for Sergio.
At Gustavo’s home, Esperanza is on the warpath.  She’s fired three of their house help for being lazy and for engaging in idle gossip most times.  She is in desperate need of new ones and she told Gustavo that she will be interviewing possible candidates soon.  Gustavo is surprised to see his home is such disarray but know his cousin well; he sagely keeps his mouth shut and just agrees with Esperanza.
Marimar waits for the Global Link Employment Agency to open.  The clerk arrives telling her that they will not be open for some time but Marimar replies that she will wait anyway.  The woman opens the office and asks Marimar to sit in the waiting area.  She asks Marimar for her bio-data, which of course Marimar knows nothing about.  The clerk gives her a form to complete.  Marimar asks the clerk’s help in filling up the form, feigning she forgot her eyeglasses and cannot read well.  Just then the clerk receives a call from an obviously upset Esperanza telling her she wasn’t satisfied with the candidates she had previously sent.  Esperanza demands her to send more as she needs to replace the ones she’s fired.  The clerk agrees to the demands of the angry woman on the other end of the line and is thankful that Marimar is available.  “Buti na lang maaga ka,” (It’s good that you came early) says the kindly clerk to Marimar. 
Fifi is lost in the city.  She is hungry and tired and though she doesn’t like to rummage through garbage bins, she has no choice.  The poor cute mutt misses her Fulgoso as she whimpers, “Fulgoso, asan ka na…find me.” (Fulgoso where are you? Find me.)  And like an answer to her prayers, Fulgoso does find her much to Fifi’s relief and delight.
Gustavo is on the phone as he sets a meeting with his lawyers about a business matter when Marimar arrives at his home.  She is introduced to Gustavo as one of the candidates for his household staff.  Gustavo meets Marimar again, this time in his own home.
Renato is talking to his lawyer at the resort’s lobby when Sergio walks in.  Remembering their last argument with Sergio declaring that he is leaving; and perhaps, afraid about how Angelika still gets too affected by his son, he demands, “O ba’t nandito ka?”  (Oh, why are you here?)
Sergio replies, “’Coz I live here.” undaunted by his father’s cold treatment.  When Renato continued, reminding Sergio that he did mention in their last conversation that he is leaving, Sergio retorts, “If you don’t like it, you can go.  Yes, why don’t you go for a change.”
This angers Renato who told him he is the owner and CEO of the resort.  Sergio who was about to leave, turns and tells his father, “May i remind you that my mother left me the majority shares to this resort therefore I am the rightful owner.
Renato accuses Sergio of being such a disrespectful son.  Sergio bites back by saying he hasn’t been a good father.  Renato is incensed at Sergio’s arrogance and tells him to leave.  He tells his son that perhaps the reason why the young man does not want to leave is because he still has feelings for Angelika, who is now his father’s wife.  Sergio can only laugh and say, “Grabe rin ang pagka-paranoid mo.  Wala ako ni katiting na gusto kay Angelika.  Ewan ko lang sa asawa mo.” (You are truly quite paranoid.  I have not an iota of feelings for Angelika.  I just don’t know about your wife.)  and adds “But that is your problem, not mine.  Yan kasi ang problema sa mga mang-aagaw,” (That’s the usual problem of those who take something that isn’t theirs in the first place – referring to Angelika being his girlfriend whom Renato married) and the two Santibanez men engage in a stare-down of wits and wills. 

As Sergio leaves and Renato gets back to his previous conversation, his lawyer  admits that he is afraid of Sergio.  The young man has the same temperament as Renato and he is in the dark about the shady deal Renato made with Gustavo Aldama, selling shares of the resort and faking Sergio’s signature.  Renato told his lawyer that he can be afraid all he wants, but he is already in too deep like the rest of them.
In the Aldama residence, Gustavo tells Marimar that she looks familiar.  Marimar remembers the time Gustavo’s car hit her at San Martin dela Costa and she mentions the same to the kindly gentleman who acknowledges that he too remembers and is quite pleased that she comes from that place.
Next:  Kim gets closer to Sergio.  Baby Cruzita gets ill.  Marimar and Cruzita almost get run over by Kim.
My take:  So, Sergio is aware that Angelika still does have feelings for him.  He also now has Kim’s feelings to contend with.  With so many women at his disposal, it takes a strong, strong man (thanks, Rick Astley) to really remain faithful even to someone as lovely as Marimar.  Also if Sergio truly hates his father’s guts, then why not have an affair with Angelika.  Not only would it satisfy the poor woman’s cravings, he’d also take sweet revenge against dad.  He can also use poor little rich girl Kim to get even with Angelika as well an an outlet for his frustrations on Marimar.  Di naman oportunista itong si Sergio, di magulang!  If he’d been Oliver Z. Eliserio he’d say, “So many women, so few episodes left.” hi-hi-hi…joke only to my husband, Oliver who’s been quite understanding of my Marimar addiction.


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