Marimar episode 37 – Sergio returns, Marimar becomes Bella

October 17, 2007

Marimar Episode 37 – The one where Sergio Returns and Marimar becomes Bella

Sergio returns to Villa Santibanez in crutches prompting a worried Angelika to fret and fuss over him but he ignores her. Instead he orders Nicandro to prepare the speed boat as he is eager to go the island where the Perez’ hut and Marimar are supposed to be “living” in. Renato is also there to greet his son’s return but was quite upset with his wife when she seemed to be more excited about Sergio’s return as well as questioning his right to go see his wife immediately.

Innocencia tells Marimar to come with her to work as she may be able to get her a job in the same place. When Marimar hesitated, having nothing decent to wear, Innocencia immediately chose from among her own clothes and lent it to Marimar. Thanking her new friend, Marimar revealed that she just used to go around barefoot all over San Martin dela Costa as it was the most comfortable thing for her. She added she only started wearing shoes when she married Sergio and lived at the villa. Fulgoso also added that she also didn’t use to bathe regularly.

Still by the resorts, front steps, Sergio asks for Corazon as he needs to speak with him urgently regarding the matter the cook had called him in Macau which sounded like Marimar was in trouble. Angelika replied that a lot of staff have left including Corazon and Arturo. This angers Sergio who reasoned how can anyone fire Corazon when she is most loyal and have been in the resort since his mother’s time; “Well before you!” he lashed at Angelika. He added that Arturo is also not just a mere employee, explaining in part the special educational stipend his siblings receive, and is his childhood friend. Renato defended his wife stating simply that she is now the one in charge of running the resort and that he trusts her judgment completely.

Innocencia and Marimar arrive at the beerhouse where the former works as a waitress. She introduces Marimar to the manager, Boss Larry, who urgently requires a dishwasher. However the man looked Marimar over and replied she would be more suitable as one of the girls if she preferred. Marimar declined not fully understanding what he slyly meant and inquired Innocencia about it. Innocencia pointed the “girls” who are there to entertain the patrons, she said. Marimar is still confused and asks, “How do they entertain the customers?” and to this, Innocencia just shrugged and warned her friend not to pay them any attention as they can be quite confrontational and sensitive about their job. Marimar was still confused but left it at that, happy to have found a job at last.

Sergio finds the grave of Pancho and Cruz at the top of the hill and kneels to pay his respects. He says, “Lolo Pancho, Lola Cruz, alam ko na hindi ninyo ako mapapatawad sa ginawa ko sa apo nyo, pati na rin sa inyo. Nabigo ko kayo. Di ko natupad ang pangako kong alagaan si Marimar. Iniwan ko siya, sinaktan ko. Sinaktan ko ang isang taong walang ibang ginawa kundi mahalin ako. Hahanapin ko si Marimar. Itatama ko lahat ng pagkakamali ko. Pag natagpuan ko na siya, mamahalin ko siya ng buong-buo. Pangako iyon.” (Grandfather Pancho, Grandmother Cruz, I know you will not be able to forgive me for what I have done to your granddaughter, and also to you. I have failed you. I failed in my promise to take care of Marimar. I left her, hurt her. I hurt the one person in this world who did nothing but love me. I will find her. I will right all my mistakes. And when I do find her, I will love her fully. I promise.) Sergio stands to leave after his heartfelt speech.

Fulgoso wants Marimar to reveal the truth about her condition to Innocencia and her mother. She came home with the mutt happy to see her even asking for some goodies she may have brought for him but Marimar exclaimed she very tired what with being on her feet the whole day. Innocencia’s mother noticed how pale she looked and called her daughter to accompany Marimar to the local health center to get checked-up. Marimar, unable to feign any more excuses confessed her pregnancy. Innocencia and her mother are happy to hear the good news with Innocencia exclaiming that Sergio must be quite happy to know that he is going to be a father soon. Marimar declares that Sergio does not know that she is with child. She tells both women that he went abroad, leaving her. Innocencia and her mother sympathize with Marimar’s sad tale.

Sergio comes back from the remains of Marimar’s home and confronts Angelika who is in the van with Nicandro. He demands an explanation at how the hut got burned. Sergio stands facing Nicandro demanding him to tell the truth. Angelika declares the fire to be an accident but Sergio suspects she and the thug have something to do about it. Sergio in frustration blurts out, “Bago ko iniwan si Marimar sa kanila, buhay na buhay pa sila.” (Before I left Marimar with them, they were still very much alive.) He keeps asking for Marimar’s whereabouts when Angelika, irritated by his accusing tone, replied, “Hindi mo ba nakita sa tabi ng lolo at lola niya?” (Didn’t you see her beside her grandparents?) This annoys Sergio all the more resulting in the young man slapping Angelika hard on the cheeks. In retaliation, Angelika divulges that Marimar left with Choi immediately after her grandparents were buried. Sergio denies this and threatens Angelika that if anything bad had befallen Marimar, she would be the one to blame, and he would definitely be settling scores with her for whatever it is she has done to Marimar.

Gustavo is talking with his lawyer who tells him that even the judge presiding over the case he filed against Renato had been bribed by the shady resort owner. It is quite ironic, Gustavo says that the money Renato swindled off him is the same money he is using to buy the law in his favor, which can probably cause them to lose the case. Esperanza has an outburst blaming the lawyers that they are not doing their job properly but the lawyer explains that they are doing what is required but Renato is very devious and knows how to play the law. Gustavo felt his old illness comeback, getting a slight pain in his chest prompting Esperanza to stop chastising the lawyer and worry about her cousin.

Sergio continues his search for clues about the mysterious death of the Perez’s and Marimar’s disappearance. This leads him to a small shack where Choi’s younger siblings live. When he asked where Choi is, they denied any knowledge about his whereabouts. When Sergio calls for Marimar, the younger lad slips that Marimar and Choi did stay there with them for a few weeks but left so they can elope and work elsewhere. Sergio is angered by this revelation and tries to threaten the brothers to reveal Choi’s location or he shall have their home destroyed. The two lads remain calm and Sergio leaves in frustration. A few hours later, Angelika arrives at the same hut of the brothers and hands them an envelope full of money. They told her about the incident with Sergio and assured her that they did exactly as she told them to do. Quite pleased, she warns the brothers never to let Choi know about this. It should remain as their own little secret.

Sergio continues in his search for answers and is now at the parish church talking to the resident priest who is no longer Padre Porres but a new, younger priest. He tells Sergio that the elder priest had been transferred to Mindanao. Sergio inquired if there is a way to contact Padre Porres there but the younger priest told him that Padre Porres is often in the smaller villages and is seldom in the main parish where there is a phone. Sergio’s search seems to come up at dead ends and everything that has any connection to Marimar had somehow been silenced off or have simply disappeared.

Still Sergio does not give up and calls the police. He asks to have details about his wife’s case that caused her to be imprisoned. The chief of police on the other line promised to look into Marimar’s files and get back at Sergio. Sergio thanks him and ends the call.

Meanwhile, back in the city Marimar learns to sew. She is making baby clothes for her unborn child. We can see that her stomach has truly grown a recognizable bump which she lovingly touches. We hear a voice-over, “Sa paglipas ng araw, sa pagpatak ng bawat oras, ay pag-asa ng isang araw na kapiling ko ang aking anak.” (As each day passes, as the hours tick, is a day full of hope that I am with my child.)

In San Martin dela Costa, having exhausted all avenues to find the truth behind Marimar’s disappearance and even details about her grandparents’ death, Sergio has turned to the bottle. A nurse changing his bandaged leg tells him that drinking alcohol is bad while he is under medication. He tells the nurse coldly that it is none of her business. When she asks him, “Gusto mo pa bang makalakad?” (Do you still want to be able to walk?) he grumpily replies, “Gusto ko makita ang asawa ko.” (I want to see my wife.)

Marimar shows her baby-clothes creations to Innocencia and Innocencia’s mother who are happy and very supportive of the young mother-to-be.

Back in the villa, Sergio calls the police who he hasn’t heard from in weeks. He lashes out at them for not getting back to him with the report he requested.

Marimar stares at her wedding ring. In her mind she says, “Kasabay ng pagtalikod ko sa aking kahapon ay ang pagharap ko sa ngayon.” (Along with my decision to forget my past is my resolve to accept my present.) She removes the ring and keeps it in a box closing the lid with a finality that her past is truly well behind her.

Across the miles, a miserable Sergio calls for Marimar in his head and says, “Huwag mo sana akong kalimutan sa puso mo.” (I hope you don’t forget me there in your heart.) He too stares hard at his wedding ring, sighing heavily his longing for his beloved wife.

Firm in her decision to start a new life, Marimar bathes and cleanses herself of all her past. With a clean slate she looks into the mirror and says, “Wala na ang dating si Marimar. Ako na si Bella.” (Gone is the Marimar of old, I am now Bella.) Tentatively, Bella smiles.

Marimar, now Bella, is sweeping their front yard when Innocencia calls out the window telling her to finish up as it is time for them to eat. Bella nods in agreement but was startled by the cries of a mother who is carrying a sick child to the hospital. This caused Bella to touch her bump while exclaiming to herself how she pities a mother to be in such state and how she prays that she will never be in one as she may not be able to handle it. Suddenly, she feels pain in her stomach, and calls for Innocencia. The young woman calls out to her mother for help shouting that Bella is having labor pains and should be having a baby any minute now.

Sergio continues to seek solace in the drink and he seems to have be down in the dumps for a while not finding any leads to his wife. Renato enters the deserted restaurant in their resort to find his son drinking away his sorrows. Unsympathetic to Sergio, he asks, “Wala ka bang ibang plano sa buhay mo?” (Don’t you have any other plans in your life?) To which the son only replies, “Hayaan mo ako.” (Leave me be.)

But Renato could no longer take Sergio’s depression and taunts him with, “Nagkakaganyan ka dahil lang sa isang babae?” (You’re acting that way only because of a woman?) Sergio snipes, “Hindi siya basta-bastang babae, mahal ko siya.” (She isn’t just any other woman, I love her.)

Renato is disgusted at how his son has become and tells Sergio he is pathetic. “Nakakahiya ka.” (I’m ashamed of you.) Sergio gets up and challenges his father. He says, “Ikinahihiya mo ako, sige, aalis na lang ako….aalis ako.” (You’re ashamed of me, fine, I’ll go….I’ll leave you.)

Marimar is in the middle of a painful childbirth with the help of a local “hilot” or “komadrona” – a woman who aids mothers in childbirth. The hilot asks Marimar to keep pushing as she can see the head coming out. Marimar is afraid for her child but Innocencia prods her on, telling her to be strong and push harder. A baby girl is born and Innocencia happily informs Marimar. The hilot wraps the baby in a blanket and lays it down beside Marimar who smiles at her daughter. Innocencia gushes at how beautiful the baby is. She asks the new mother what name she wants for her daughter and Marimar replies, “Cruzita” – taken from her beloved grandmother’s name. Innocencia exclaims, “Cruzita Santibanez” but Marimar stops her and insists, “Hindi nya gagamitin ang sinumpang pangalan na iyan. Akin lang siya.” (No, she will never use that cursed name, she is mine alone.)

Next: Marimar sees some of the dancers’ costumes and tries to wear them and dance like she used to. She gets caught by Boss Larry who’d originally commented that she is more suited to a GRO’s (guest relations officer) job than a dishwasher’s. He asks her to dance some more.

Kim arrives at the Villa Santibanez following Sergio and comes head to head with Angelika. This should be fun!

Gustavo hires some house help, with Marimar as one of the possible candidates.


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