Marimar episode 36 – Marimar in the City

October 16, 2007

Marimar Episode 36 – Sergio breaks a bone, Marimar meets Innocencia in the City
Marimar is dreaming about Sergio:  he finds her sleeping on an overpass and wakes her.  As they hug, her husband assures her that he loves her.  But it is only a policeman waking Marimar and the other homeless in the area, telling them that sleeping is not allowed there.   Marimar wakes from her dream saying, “Sabagay, bakit naman ako pupuntahan ni Sergio?” (Why would Sergio come looking for me?)  She touches her stomach and speaks to her unborn child.  She promises to love and care for her child and above all, never leave or abandon him/her.
Sergio is set to go back to Manila and is waiting for a cab at the hotel to take to the airport.  Kim arrives drunk, holding a bottle of alcoholic beverage, and offers to drive Sergio to the airport.  He tells her to take it easy and go home as she is clearly not in her right mind.  Kim says he is about to leave and he has not even seen her drive yet.  When Sergio continues to protest, Kim shouts, “Hindi ako papayag na umalis ka Sergio!” (I won’t allow you to leave Sergio.)
Marimar and Fulgoso navigate the busy and traffic-laden streets of Manila.  She is afraid of the cars and the many crossing roads.  Marimar tells Fulgoso not to run as he might get hit by a running vehicle.  To ensure her mutt is safe, she sits on him at every intersection to keep him from running off.
Sergio calms Kim down as she begs him not to leave her.  She tells him about her ex-boyfriend who left her and married another woman.  She cries that he is marrying another woman again.  Sergio understands her pain but he explains that he is going home to see his wife.  Kim gets in the car and Sergio stand in front to stop her from driving, telling her it is best to get a cab.
Marimar and Fulgoso are now very hungry.  They haven’t eaten in days.  In a Japanese restaurant, Marimar sees some customers leave and she slips in to eat their leftovers.
Kim sits and drinks from the bottle she is carrying.  She accidentally steps on the accelerator and hits Sergio’s knee.  She runs to Sergio’s side calling for help.
Marimar was about to share her plate with Fulgoso when the security guard sees her and tells her to leave at once.  She sees a bin and rummages through the trash.  She finds some leftover food and starts eating it calling Fulgoso to join her when some children come and claim the food to be theirs.  They are in charge of the territory and shoo Marimar and Fulgoso away as they grab the food away from her.  Marimar wonders how children could be so harsh when she would have been willing to share the food with her.   She now doubts whether their decision to leave for Manila had been a wise one.  She is terrified for herself, Fulgoso and her unborn child.
An ambulance comes and takes Sergio with Kim to the hospital.  Kim apologizes as Sergio winces in pain. 
Marimar pities her current state with Fulgoso and stops to rest at another restaurant.  Inside the same restaurant, Gustavo and Esperanza discuss Renato’s treachery and he assures his cousin that his lawyers already know what to do to get back at Renato.  Leaving the restaurant, some children crowd on the kindly man as he gives them some money telling them to go home.  Walking he sees the sleeping Marimar and Fulgoso.  He gives her a hundred pesos and walks on.  Marimar wakes up to find the money and is happy as they can now buy food. 
Back at the villa, Angelika is screaming at Perfecta for taking so long to prepare her food. Perfecta says it is difficult as she is now practically alone in running the resort with Corazon quitting.  Renato arrives and receives a call from Antonio about Sergio’s accident.  This prompts Angelika to stand up and get worried and in doing so, break her glass of wine.  Renato quite annoyed at his wife’s reactions asks about Sergio’s state.
Marimar eyes the goodies sold at a bakery and tries to choose some to buy for her and Fulgoso when suddenly a couple of young boys grab her money.  When she tries to get it back, they hit her and conscious of defending her belly, she lets them go.  All the more, she is fearful for the kind of life they will have in the city.  She now doubts whether this is the best place to raise her own child.
Sergio talks to Renato on the phone and Sergio assures that it’s just a broken leg.  Despite this Angelika breaks another glass when she heard about it and gasps. 
Marimar is sleeping at the steps of an abandoned building when some men spot her.  They wake her up and when she pleads to stay a while to get some rest, they tell her of a place where there is a bed, in an air-conditioned room where she can rest all she wants. However Fulgoso doubts their motives and barks to warn Marimar not to go with them. 
Sergio tells his father not to worry and cuts the line.  Renato asks for another glass for Angelika and is clearly pissed at how his own wife seems to be so worried for Sergio asking her whether she likes to break all the glasses in the resort.  Angelika takes a hold of herself to stop Renato from getting more jealous.
Marimar refuses to come with the men and she fights her way to free herself from them.  She was able to flee and enter a narrow passage where she bumps into Innocencia.  Marimar is cold towards her, remembering the time she was jealous of Innocencia but the young woman shows her where to hide and helps her escape the men running after her.
Kim keeps apologizing to Sergio who insists it was only an accident.  He kids Kim that maybe it wasn’t and that she indeed planned it so he will be unable to leave.  Kim gets more guilty and Sergio assures him he is fine.  He would be unable to race but he’s used to broken bones being a racer, he even brags half the bones in his arms and legs are already metal.  However he still wants to go home and see his wife.  The hospital does not want to discharge him yet.  If he insists, he can sign a waiver so they will be able to let him go but the hospital will not be held liable should anything happen to him.  The doctor speaks to Kim in Chinese and they leave to talk in private leaving Antonio and Sergio alone in the room.
At first Marimar holds to the fact that Innocencia is someone she shouldn’t trust but the young woman asks her to come with her.  Fulgoso prefers to go with Innocencia than risk another bad encounter in the streets.  In the end Marimar, hungry and afraid, comes home with Innocencia who introduces her to the young woman’s mother.  Marimar sees how caring and good she is to her mother and this somehow puts Marimar’s doubts at ease.
The two women eat together and start to talk.  Marimar asks Innocencia why she is good to her when they never had been close.  Innocencia admits that she did try to seduce Sergio but only under Angelika’s orders.  She tells Marimar her sad story about how Angelika used and abused her – showing Marimar her scarred face.   She said that she had tried to do bad things and now is resolved to offer Marimar kindness and help to get rid of all the bad karma she has done, following Angelika’s orders.  She offers herself as Marimar’s friend. 
Marimar tells her own sad experiences of late, saying everything she loved had been taken from her.  Both women seem to be alone and want to forget about their tragic pasts.  They cry together finding a common pain as well as an enemy.


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