Marimar Episode 35 – Marimar Lives!

October 16, 2007

Marimar Episode 35 – The one where Marimar lives!
Arturo frets as Corazon asks him to be a man and stand guard as she looks for Sergio’s contact number in Macau.  The cook has decided that she has had enough of the cruelty that Angelika is giving Marimar and has decided to tell Sergio the truth.    Arturo admits he is afraid and Corazon demands, “Kanino ba ang loyalties mo: kay Sergio or kay Angelika impakta?” (Where do your loyalties lie, with Sergio or the witch Angelika?)   When Corazon finds the number, she calls Sergio and tells him “Nakakaawa si Maam Marimar” (Madame Marimar is truly pitiable.)  The line is not very clear but Corazon continues and asks Sergio to come home as soon as he can.  When Sergio tries to find out more from the cook, the line goes dead.  Even Corazon cannot figure how the line suddenly died but found the answer when Monica and Diego walk in with the cut telephone line.  Sergio tries to call back but the line is now dead.  Sergio tells Antonio that he now must go home to make sure that Marimar is okay. 
Back in the kitchen, Monica is furious at the two in their attempts to contact Sergio.  She fires both Corazon and Arturo but Corazon tells her she doesn’t have to because she quits.  The plump woman tells Diego he is a fool that is only being used by Monica to do whatever Angelika wants.  She further tells the loyal bodyguard that Monica used to be a man who only had sexual transplant and implants leaving a now doubtful Diego much to the dismay and irritation of the often-daft Monica. 
Angelika is met by the pair, Monica and Diego, in front of the resort.  She happily tells her friend that Marimar is truly gone.  She has joined her grandparents in peace.  Monica updates Angelika of the recent events in the resort and she adds that she had fired both Corazon and Arturo for trying to contact Sergio.  Angelika is pleased with her friend’s decision.
Marimar wakes up and sits.  She sees the bullet pierce her shirt and she puts a finger into the hole.  She takes out the medallion that Padre Porres gave her.  The medallion saved her life.  It stopped the bullet from killing her.  Marimar remembers Padre Porres telling her that from then on, Mama Mary will be her protection and guide.  She sends a prayer of thanks for being alive and slowly goes up the hill.  She finds a whimpering Fulgoso who is sad thinking his mistress had died but what very happy to see her alive.  Marimar unties Fulgoso and they hug and comfort each other.
At the Villa Santibanez, Gustavo gives all the required documents to Gustavo Aldama.  Esperanza advises his cousin to first have the papers inspected by their team of lawyers but Gustavo declares he trusts Renato and calls his bank to wire the money into Renato’s account as soon as possible.  Then both gentlemen shake hands and part.  Esperanza checks the documents, doubtful.
After Sergio winning his first race in Macau, Kim wants him to continue racing and travel with the team to the next competition.  However Sergio declines and says “I’m worried about my wife.  Hindi ako mapakali kapag hindi ko sha nakikita.”  (I won’t be at ease until I see her.)  To this Kim says she envies Marimar.  She is truly lucky to have Sergio for a husband.
Renato hand Angelika a glass of wine and gives her a diamond necklace.  Angelika looks very pleased but tries to convince him saying, “Renato alam mo na sa halik mo lang, masaya na ako.”  (Renato you know that your kisses alone can make me happy.)
Renato tells her that he’s got a new business partner and he’s received a huge amount of money for the resort.  Angelika also updates him of some happy news about her and says that Renato should also congratulate her for her efforts.  When Renato asks for details she replies, “Nalinis ko na ang basurang umaalingasaw dito sa Villa Santibanez.” (I’ve manage to clean out the trash that had stunk Villa Santibanez for some time.)
A reborn Marimar visits Pancho and Cruz’ grave.  When before she was in tears, helpless and miserable; now her eyes are dry and in them anger and vengeance reside.  She promises revenge on all those who have hurt her.  She promises to get back everything that was taken away from her – all her dignity, happiness, loved ones, her innocence and her love.  She will get them all back and she will have her revenge on everyone who had hurt her, particularly Angelika and Sergio.  She promised this to her grandparents as well as her unborn child.
She tells Fulgoso that they must leave their old life behind.  They must leave San Martin dela Costa behind them.  With one look that the pristine island she knew to be home, she leaves it all behind without even looking back.
Sergio calls Angelika and asks to speak with Corazon.  Angelika tells him that Corazon and Arturo are no longer working at the resort.  Angelika also tells Sergio that Marimar is with her grandparents.  Sergio does not yet know that Pancho and Cruz have passed away not does he know about Marimar, so Angelika took this as a clever joke.  Sergio told her coldly that he is coming home and once he finds out that something bad had happened to Marimar, he will blame it all on Angelika for surely it would be her scheming that had done it.  In another part of San Martin dela Costa, Marimar and Fulgoso hitch a ride on a vegetable-laden jeep bound for Manila. 
Meanwhile, Gustavo’s team confirms that the documents Renato provided them were all fake and that he’s been swindled.  Gustavo calmly receives the news.
Having nothing much to do inside the cramped jeep, Marimar and Fulgoso try to sleep and stay quiet.  Marimar tells Fulgoso that they are off to make a new life for themselves.  Sad, Fulgoso can only whine, “Isang bagong buhay na hindi kasama si Fifi.” (A new life that does not include Fifi.)  Even mutts do have love interests in this tele-novela.
In Manila, the jeep stops at the green grocer who opens the door to find Marimar and Fulgoso.  The grocer suspects Marimar to be her husband’s mistress and calls the unsuspecting driver to explain.  As the couple argues, Marimar and Fulgoso slip away.
Gustavo and Esperanza talk about Renato’s treachery.  Esperanza felt vindicated about her suspicions about Renato and couldn’t help telling her cousin, “I told you so.”  Gustavo already is a step ahead and when Esperanza asked whether he is filing a case against Santibanez, Gustavo assures her that his team is already working out a plan to get back at Renato’s deception.
Marimar and Fulgoso join some homeless city folk sleep on a city overpass.  Is she dreaming it or is it truly happening: had Sergio truly come and found her? 


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