Marimar Episode 34 – Angelika shoots Marimar

October 16, 2007

Marimar Episode 34 – The One Where Marimar Gets Shot
Angelika is so much more upset having intercepted Sergio’s package for Marimar because in it shows a passport, ticket and papers to enable Marimar to join Sergio in Macau.  This she can never, ever allow.
Just as Marimar had finished burying her grandparents on top of the hill in their island, police came take Marimar away despite Padre Porres’ pleadings to give her some more time.  They take Marimar to an isolated hilly place where Angelika and Nicandro await with their evil plan.
In Macau, Sergio takes a picture of Marimar from his wallet and stares at it lovingly.  He tells his wife that this first race is dedicated for her and he can’t wait for her to arrive in Macau so they can be together.  He also regrets that he never told her he loved her.  He promises, “Pag magkasama na tayo, ipagsisigawan ko sa buong mundo na mahal na mahal kita.  Araw-araw ko sasabihin sa iyo na mahal na mahal kita.” (When we’re together, I will shout to the whole world just how much I love you.  I will tell you every day that I truly love you so.)
Back at the hill, Angelika informs Marimar that she had dropped all charges against the latter.  Meantime in the Santibanez resort, Natalie informs Choi that he is now being hunted down by the police having helped Marimar escape.  When Choi reasons out to his childhood friend that he did not escape nor did they (with Marimar) try to, but some group actually did it, Natalie told him that it is no longer safe to be near the area for surely the police would take him for aiding Marimar.  He must flee before he gets caught.  When the young man admits he is worried for Marimar, Natalia calmly suggests, “Dapat sagipin mo muna ang sarili mo bago ang iba.” (You should try and save yourself first before you go on and save others.)  Convinced, Choi runs away with Natalia.
Marimar, now doubtful of any good deed Angelika does to her, asks why she is letting her go.  Angelika tells Marimar that the reason why she is letting her go is because Sergio wrote her a letter pleading to free her.  Marimar’s spirits lift a little hearing Sergio’s name as well as his request from Angelika.
Back in the Santibanez resort, the phone rings in Corazon’s kitchen.  Corazon answers and is glad to find Sergio on the other line.  She is about to tell him the tragic events that have happened to Marimar of late but Monica takes the phone from her while Diego points a knife at her to shut her up.  Monica talks to Sergio and when Sergio asks about the letter he sent for Marimar, Monica denies having received any such letter.  Sergio asks to talk to Corazon or Arturo but Monica tells him that both are unavailable at this time.  Monica ends the call and she and Diego burn the contents of the package meant for Marimar.
Angelika informs Marimar that Sergio also has a letter for her.  She shows an envelope that Marimar tries to grab but Angelika shakes it away.  She orders Marimar to kneel down.  When Marimar has done so, Angelika orders Marimar to say that she is the winner and that she is so much better than Marimar.  Marimar swallows all her pride and takes in all the humiliation, following everything that Angelika orders her to do.  Marimar succumbs, “Oo Angelika, panalo ka na.  Magaling ka Angelika.” (Yes Angelika, you win; you are the best Angelika.) Fulgoso is tied feet and mouth and lies on the ground.  Finally Angelika says in disgust, “You’re so pathetic, Marimar! Ay nakalimutan ko hindi ka pala marunong Mag-Ingles,” (I forgot that you do not understand English.)  and laughs as she throws the letter at the still kneeling Marimar.  Marimar picks up the letter and hugs it as she cries.
Gustavo and Esperanza dine with Renato and his lawyer.  Renato excuses himself and his lawyer and when alone, Renato tells his lawyer that he wants to sell the resort as soon as possible.  His lawyer reminds him that he would be unable to do so without Sergio’s approval and signature.  His deceased wife and Sergio’s mother left the resort equally between them making their shares 50-50.  If Gustavo wants to become majority owner of the resort, Renato needs to sell at least 51% of the resort to him.  This means he needs Sergio to agree to sell at least 1% of his shares to their new partner.  Renato tells his lawyer that he doesn’t want to involve Sergio in this because his son would never approve of selling the resort.  He knows Sergio values the resort and his mother’s legacy.  However his lawyer is firm in stating, they need Sergio’s approval and signature on the documents if they are to proceed in this business deal with Gustavo Aldama.
Fifi runs to the tied-up Fulgoso asking him how he is and she’s been quite worried about him.  Fulgoso asks Fifi, “Iwan mo na yan si Angelika demonita.  Sumama ka na sa amin ni Marimar.  Magtanan na tayo.” (Leave that demonic Angelika.  Come with me and Marimar.  Let’s elope.)  To this Fifi asks him if he’d saved up enough so they can live and raise their pups well.  Fulgoso suggests stealing some of Fifi’s dog food to take with them when they leave.  Fifi is unsure and leaves Fulgoso still tied.   
Marimar opens the letter and looks at it for a few seconds.  She then hugs it and continues to cry.  Just then, Angelika laughs as she realizes Marimar cannot even read!  She takes the letter and reads it for Marimar.  The letter states that Sergio now severs all ties he ever had with Marimar.  He admits that he only used her to make Angelika jealous.  He adds that he married her in the hopes to win back Angelika whom he truly loves.  He tells her that it was all for show and that he never really loved her as he bids her goodbye.
Marimar denies the contents of the letter defending Sergio and her love for each other.  Angelika shows her pictures of her and Sergio – pictures when they were lovers.  Marimar looks at each one as she continues to shake her head in denial, tears flowing endlessly from her eyes.
Esperanza talks to Gustavo once they were left alone.  She admits she does not trust Renato and it would be better to check out other resorts nearby to see if they can get a better deal.  Esperanza is sure that they would be able to find newer ones up for sale as well as ones that are better maintained, but Gustavo had already set his heart on this one and adds that Renato seems to be a reasonable and upright man.  In his office, Renato signs the deed and forges Sergio’s signature beside his. 
Angelika explains to the weeping Marimar that she and Sergio planned all this to happen.  She and Sergio have been lovers even before she married his father and also when he married Marimar.  Marimar continues to deny all this prompting Angelika to ask, where is Sergio now, and why did he never tell Marimar that he loved her?  Marimar says she felt Sergio’s love for her.  They way he cared for her is clear that he loves her despite him not having said it.  Angelika shouts, “Ilusyonada ka! Ako lang ang mahal ni Sergio at hindi ikaw!” (You’re delusional!  Sergio loves only me; he never loved you!)
Angelika asks Nicandro to bring Arturo to them to verify all her claims.  An obviously hurt Arturo is dragged in by Nicandro.  Angelika orders him to tell Marimar who is Sergio’s girlfriend before he married Marimar.  Angelika commands Arturo to tell Marimar how Sergio reacted when he heard that she married Renato.  Arturo admits this is true before.  He kept saying, “noon” (before; back then).  Arturo wants to assure Marimar that this is no longer the case now but Angelika slaps him and Nicandro punches him hard on the guts leaving him to double in pain. 
Marimar falls back to the ground when she realizes that what Angelika is claiming is true.  She asks how Sergio could keep this from her.  She questions the way Sergio used and fooled her.  Angelika laughs, “Kawawa ka naman.” (I feel sorry for you.)
Renato admits to his lawyer that he forged Sergio’s signature when the lawyer asked how Sergio could sign the document so quickly when he is in Macau.   His lawyer warns him that he could be sent to jail for what he has done.  Renato assures his lawyer that he has no intentions of going to jail, nor does he have any intentions of selling the Santibanez resort.  He needs money so he is going to give fake documents to Gustavo to get it but he will not be getting even a single grain of sand off his resort.  His lawyer can only stare in disbelief at his client’s duplicity.
Angelika continues to mock and laugh at Marimar who is now left with nothing, not even Sergio’s love.  In Macau, the innocent Sergio is surrounded by his team and well-wishers who witnessed his first win. 
Nicandro drags Marimar further into the tall wild grasses that grow untended on the hills.  He drags her to a spot where there is a steep drop and points a gun at her head.  Angelika takes the gun from Nicandro and tells Marimar to turn around.  Across the ocean, Kim asks Sergio for a speech to which he includes in the few words he said that he sadly regrets not having his wife with him but dedicates his win to her. 
Angelika pointing the gun at Marimar’s head says, “Tutuldukan ko na ang napaka-tragic mong buhay.” (I’m putting an end to your tragic life.)
Marimar pleads for Angelika’s mercy but she haughtily replies, “Diyos lang ang marunong maawa Marimar.  Sad to say, mukha lang akong diyosa pero hindi ako diyos.” (Only God knows mercy, Marimar.  I may look like a goddess but sad to say that I am not God.)
In China, everyone raise their glasses to Marimar as Sergio says that surely Marimar is proud of him and adds, “To my loving wife, para sa iyo ito…to Marimar.” (To my loving wife, this is for you…to Marimar.)  Angelika shoots Marimar square in the chest as Sergio raises his toast.  Marimar falls and rolls down the hill as scenes of her past flashes back before us…her life with Sergio and her grandparents and how brief it all seems in retrospect.
Angelika commands Nicandro to go down the hill to make sure her nemesis is indeed dead while she hands him the gun.  Nicandro tries to follow but he almost slipped on the uneven land.  Seeing Angelika walking away, he looks down the hill and hesitates.  The ruffian decides to save his own skin than risk breaking his own neck in making sure that Marimar is dead.  He takes one look down the hill and leaves Marimar to her fate.
Down the hill we see Marimar moan and stir just a little.


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  2. mesael Says:

    Please publish a whole body picture of the dog pulgoso of marimar teleserye. thanks & also marimar

  3. dfd Says:

    sana magkatuluyan si marimar & sergio & sana hindi matuloy ung kasal nila ni rudolfo…

  4. Dennis okioma Says:

    I feels much sorry to marimar for the challenges she encounters.

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