Marimar episode 32 – the one with the burning hut

October 10, 2007

Marimar Episode 32 – The one with the burning hut
Following the accusations of Angelika and the order by Renato to put Marimar in prison the police take the crying Marimar to jail.  Choi runs after the vehicle to help his crush but Natalia stops him.  Choi feels very sorry for Marimar but Natalia just laughs off saying, “Yeah, she’s truly pitiable, indeed” and walks off quite pleased.
Perfecta is rummaging in the kitchen for some food to eat and Corazon accuses her of telling lies about Marimar to the police.  “What wrong has she ever done to you?” demands the plump cook of Perfecta who doesn’t even seem to care that she’s just sent an innocent Marimar to prison.  Suddenly, Perfecta chokes on the food she’s eating and asks for Corazon’s help to get some water.  Corazon leaves her with a snide remark, “Serves you right, I hope you choke to death.” and walks out of the kitchen in a vindicated huff.
Gustavo is on the phone speaking to his staff about a property he wants to purchase in the San Martin dela Costa area.  The person on the other line tells him there is one property that is possible but the owner wanted to keep majority shares and sell of a portion to investors.  Gustavo stresses he wants to gain majority of the shares so he can control the company.  He commands his staff to investigate further and get back to him. 
Renato meets with his lawyer who tells him about this investor who wants to buy off majority of the shares of his resort.  He will still be part-owner but will be a minority share-holder.  His lawyer advises Renato that this is the best chance he has if he wants to get more money.  Renato is obviously quite hesitant as he thinks of other ways of solving his financial crisis, however, selling seems to be the only way to go.
Corazon wakes Arturo up in a hurry telling him to call Sergio quickly and tell him a tragedy had befallen on his poor wife.  Marimar is sent to jail by the lies created by Angelika and Perfecta.  Arturo tries to wheedle his way out of having to call Sergio knowing that Angelika owns him now and tells Corazon that his cell is broken.  “We can use my phone,” exclaims the goodly cook but again Arturo makes other excuses.  Feeling the wishy-washy and cowardly excuses of Arturo, Corazon walks off calling both Perfecta and Arturo the devils.
Marimar is booked and jailed while she continues to plead the policemen to help her and that she is truly innocent.  But they are stern and tell her to shut up.  The police handling her shoves her in the barred cage with an unsentimental remark, “Mabulok ka diyan!” as Marimar slumps in her cell.  She is not alone though, a shady looking woman is already there and now shares the tiny cell with her.
Back in the Perez hut, Cruz is fearful for Marimar.  It’s been days and she is not yet home.  She worries that she’d already been jailed but Pancho assures her that Marimar is innocent of any crime.  Just then Choi arrives and confirms their fears.  Both jump up in shock lamenting that Marimar is just a poor unsuspecting victim being a very good person inside-out.  Choi knows this and the young man suggests that they should all just calm down and attend to Marimar at once.  Fulgoso goes with them as well worried for his mistress unfortunate state.
Angelika is talking with their lawyer and is clearly upset that despite her scheming, the police will only be able to keep Marimar in jail for a maximum of three days and will be set free thereafter.  The lawyer explains that Marimar’s case does not have any hard evidence and the witnesses’ statements, that of Perfecta’s and Corazon’s, contradict each other. 
It was a tearful visit to Marimar’s cell as Pancho and Cruz pity their granddaughter’s plight and yet are quite helpless to be able to give her some form of hope or comfort.  Cruz tells her to be strong and to pray for guidance.  Pancho assures her that they are with her all the way and would never leave her.  Fulgoso and Choi are silent but are obvious champions of Marimar.
Angelika and Monica discuss the futility of getting Marimar stay in jail longer.  They need to come up with another plan that will get rid of Marimar for good.  Just then, an idea occured to the evil Angelika.  If Marimar no longer has a home in the island, then perhaps she will have to go make her home somewhere else.  So long as she is not longer in the area when Sergio returns.  Angelika must act quickly.  Monica is shocked at her friend’s latest plot but can only watch as Angelika pushes on.
The police tells the elderly couple that visiting time is over and they must leave the prisoner new.  They are worried that something worse might happen to Marimar so they ask Choi to stay, even outside the prison but within the area, and keep and eye on their granddaughter.  The gallant young lad agrees as the couple go and seek the guidance and help of Padre Porres.
Sergio burns tires as he completes a practice race, his best time yet declares Antonio and is quite pleased that his friend is now concentrating on the race and doing well.  Sergio winces as he admits that he does miss his wife very much but has decided to be more focused and do what he came here to do.  Antonio nudges him and points Kim who is not far away, suggesting that there are many ways to get amused if he wants to.  Sergio knows his friend is only teasing so he just ignores him.
Angelika meets with Nicandro in the resort gardens and orders the brute to go and burn down the hut where Marimar and her grandparents live.  Natalia overhears their conversation and butts in.  Angelika warns her that should this come out, her ass, meaning Natalia’s, will be on the line.  Natalia surprised both Angelika and Nicandro when she didn’t balk and instead clarified to the two that she is interested in helping them out.  Angelika is pleased to know that Natalia is an ally and that she isn’t the only one in the resort who wants to get rid of Marimar.
Kim introduces a fellow racer to Sergio and tries to cook up a little competition by asking both to race.  Kim declares that she will award the winner 1 million Hong Kong dollars.  Both racers look eager to race.
The horse owner takes back his horse from Angelika whose check bounced.  When she asks Renato, her husband just shrugs and says, “I told you not to get that horse in the first place.”  Angelika then fearfully asks, “Honey, you’re broke?” to which Renato just says, “And what if I am?”  Disbelieving, Angelika cries, “No, you can’t be!”
Choi visits Marimar again and brings her some food.  Marimar thanks Choi for being a good and kind friend to her.  In fact she is sad that her husband Sergio is not with her now.  It seems he doesn’t care for her anymore.  Choi tells her that Sergio is indeed no here because he went off to Macau.  This only makes Marimar sadder as she feels Sergio’s forgotten all about her.
Sergio wins the race and Kim hands him the cheque.  He refuses it and says he only did it for fun.  Kim seems to be more impressed with her crush.  Quite an upstanding guy, loyal to his wife, not opportunistic, a real good partner – with a flirtatious stress on the word, partner.  She then prods Sergio to take it and consider it a welcome gift from her and a bonus to their purely-business partnership.
After the embarrassment of the horse and Angelika’s distress, Renato contacts his lawyers and decides to push through with meeting this mysterious investor.  He asks his staff to set-up the meeting.
Meantime armed men turn up in prison and rescue the other female prisoner leaving the previously locked prison open.  Choi and Marimar take their chance and flee right after the group.
Nicandro and Natalia arrive on the island where the Perez’ hut is the sole structure.  He asks the lady again if she is certain that she will help him.  Natalia confirms and states that Marimar owes her and it’s about time she earned some payback to even the score.  She helps Nicandro soak the hut with gasoline.  The couple are asleep and do not suspect their life is in grave danger.  Fulgoso sense something and wakes up.  The dog finds Natalia.  When Fulgoso growls , Natalia scurries off.  Nicandro ignites the gasoline-drenched hut and it quickly grew huge flames.  
Sergio calls up his father and tells him that he will be sending some money to help fund their dwindling business.  Renato rejects his sons offer telling him that six million pesos is but loose change to what he has; updating Sergio of an investor that would be willing to pump in a lot of money into the resort.  He advises his son to keep his money and ends it with a cold, “I don’t want it and I don’t need it.” as he cuts off the line.   Then he meets his investor for the first time.  It is none other than Gustavo Aldama who also introduces his cousin, Esperanza, to Renato. 
Pancho awakes amidst smoke and flames and goes over to awaken and help Cruz, both seem to be trapped in and are getting suffocated by the smoke.  They scream for help but being isolated, who would be able to come to their aid?  Just then, Marimar and Choi arrive and they see the giant flames eating the hut.  Marimar screams for her grandparents and runs to save them but Choi stops her.  Fulgoso runs to Marimar who can only watch in shock as the home she knew gets eaten by the fire.    Nicandro and Natalia look on hidden at the now-glowing hut.
From across the island, Angelika watches in delight as the flames get more bigger.  She is holding a totally disgruntled Fifi who claims she now also hates her mistress for being such and evil person.  Angelika doesn’t know this instead she mischievously says, “Layas ka na, Marimar” and laughs.
Marimar begs Choi to help the grandparents.  He tells Marimar to stay put and the gallant, young man runs into the flames to rescue Pancho and Cruz. 
Next: Pancho and Cruz were saved by Choi and had been taken to the hospital with the help of Padre Porres but both are dead on arrival.  Corazon gets a call from Sergio and now at last, the truth about what’s been going on while he’s gone has a chance of getting told.
My take:  So Corazon has a phone!  Couldn’t she have asked Arturo to give her the number so she can contact, even text, Sergio?  I’m sure Choi must have one too…at this day and age!  So why only rely on Arturo’s phone….namaaaan! 
Quotables: Angelika to her new-found ally Natalia:  “So hindi lang pala ako ang galit kay Marimar.  Meron pa pala siyang kaaway dito sa Villa Santibanez.”
Renato to Sergio, “Aanhin ko ang six million eh barya lang yan?”


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