Marimar episode 31 – The one where Marimar gets framed

October 9, 2007

Marimar Episode 31 – The one where Marimar gets framed 

Marimar cries as she bites off the diamond studded bracelet off the muddy puddle.  Angelika laughs in triumph.  When our heroine asks the latter why she is so mean to her, Angelika just shrugs the question off and haughtily replies she is very happy because Marimar had been very entertaining today.  She further deplores Marimar being filthy and full of mud, showing off how world’s apart they are in terms of class and status.  Angelika even thanks the grieving Marimar for making her a very happy woman and leaves off riding on her horse.

Gustavo looks at a picture of the young Marimar and hopes to find her.  He also hopes that the necklace he had given his daughter is still with her, the one that he had made especially, bearing Marimar’s name.

Monica is flirting with Angelika’s bodyguard, Diego, at the pool when Angelika arrives and thanks her friend for keeping Diego occupied.  Angelika is in a very happy mood and when Monica asks why, she tells her friend how she was able to trick Marimar into first kissing her foot then pushing her down into a pool of mud.  Nicandro arrives with Marimar’s necklace and Angelika asks the slime whether Marimar recognized who he was or if she suspected anything.  Nicandro denies anything suspicious and Angelika is happy that her new plan to bring about Marimar’s downfall seems to be going really well.  Angelika had already dismissed the thug but he stills stands about and when the former asks why he is still there, he replies he is hoping for some form of reward for his latest job.  Angelika snaps at him to get lost having no more use for him for the moment to which Nicandro quickly follows.  Angelika stares at Marimar’s necklace and inspects it.  She decides it is a worthless fake and throws it away.  Someone picks it up.

Kim and Sergio are having dinner with the former wanting the young racers to be her business partner.  She plans to build a race track in the Philippines and wants Sergio to head it.  She gives Sergio the proposal and asks him to read it in bed later that evening.  This would give the man a chance to think about her in bed, she seductively suggests to a somber Sergio.

Sergio updates his pal, Antonio about Kim’s proposal.  The former is quite excited about the plan but Antonio slips commenting Sergio is Kim’s current object of interest; the billionairess’ boy toy.  This pricks Sergio and puts a gloomy cloud in his current elated mood.

Renato is in a grave meeting with his financial team who are in dire straits as after all the bank loan that he approved, very little money is left to support the resort.  His team tells him they had to pay off many debts in order to avoid legal repercussions.  This leaves Renato very frustrated knowing there is not much money left.  His advisers tell him they need new investors to pump the much needed capital into the resort to save it from going out of business.

Choi is with the uber-sexy Natalia who is wearing a tiny black two-piece swimming suit.  The young man updates his childhood friend that Marimar is indeed pregnant and he feels sorry for her with Sergio being far away leaving Marimar alone.  Natalia snaps at Choi commenting that it is only right for Marimar to be left behind by Sergio because she’s such an over-acting drama queen.  Choi is surprised at Natalia’s outburst thinking her to be Marimar’s friends.  She had been quite friendly to Marimar before she’d been thrown out of the resort but Natalia defends she is now mad at Marimar for the way she treated Angelika, pushing her down the stairs and killing her unborn baby in the process.  The young woman thinks Marimar is pure evil.  Choi defends Marimar saying that she is quite a good person and it is Angelika who has a questionable and shady personality.  It just further incenses Natalia, who says perhaps Marimar had used magical trickery to force Choi to like her so much, then leaves off in a huff and dives into the pool.

Kim is having breakfast with Sergio and the latter declines her offer stating clearly that he is not interested in being tricked into a partnership that would require him to do ‘other’ things not related to business.  Kim revealed that she has done a study of their resort and knows the real score regarding the Santibanez fortunes.  She is extending her help to him and he is wise to accept it.  Sergio reiterates he will only accept the offer on purely business terms.  He insists that he is a married man who is madly in love with his wife.  This stops Sergio short, realizing the gravity of what he had just said.  He whispers, almost to himself that he had never told this to his wife, but he intends to tell her.  He asks for Kim to release his papers and working permit as he is under suspension and would prefer to go back to the Philippines and be with Marimar.  He adds that he is flattered by her attentions but he is truly in love with Marimar whom he intends to go back home to as soon as possible.  Sergio leaves a very thoughtful Kim alone who only says one word, “Marimar.”

Sergio finally caught Arturo on the phone with the latter apologizing to his boss that he’d gotten his phone broken and that is why he’d been unreachable the past few days.  Unknown to Sergio, Angelika is right there dictating to Arturo what he must say.  When Sergio inquires about Marimar, Arturo lies and says the reason why Marimar is always out is that she is spending a lot of time with Choi and she seems to be enjoying this, not even missing Sergio one bit.  Angelika glowers on Arturo forcing him to say these words to the unsuspecting Sergio who is now quite incensed at how Marimar is reacting to his absence.  Sergio even asks why Marimar doesn’t ask Corazon or him, Arturo, to accompany her instead of Choi.  When Arturo was pressed for an answer, he weasels a lame excuse that he is busy and pretends to have a low battery and must get off.  Angelika is happy with the results of Arturo’s conversation with Sergio and complements Arturo’s acting.  She then takes the phone from Arturo and tells the closet gay that it is her turn at some acting.  Angelika dials the police and reports a robbery.  She declared her bracelet had been stolen by Marimar and tells them where to find her.

The police ransack the hut of Pancho and Cruz looking for the reportedly stolen bracelet.  Pancho and Cruz defend Marimar’s innocence but she arrives with the bracelet in her hand.  Immediately they handcuffed her as her grandparents plead them to let her go.  Marimar cries and explains there must have been a misunderstanding as Angelika had given her the bracelet earlier.  She implores the policemen to take her to the Santibanez resort first so she can clear things up, confident that Angelika would back her up.  Meanwhile Angelika calls Renato telling him about the so-called breaking and robbery and asks his husband to come home quickly.

Sergio is in a gloomy mood and had changed his mind about going home.  He says his wife does not seem to be missing him so he will stay and finish the race.  Besides, he reasons he doesn’t want to go home with nothing to show for to his judgmental father, Renato who will only laugh at how much a coward and a loser he is.  He also asks for Antonio to be the go-between for him with Kim and ask her to reconsider her business proposal but this time he insists it is a purely business partnership.   Antonio is happy that his friend is now determined and focus on the race.  Sergio assures him that they will win this race.

The police take Marimar to see Angelika who denies Marimar’s claims accusing her that she stole her bracelet.  Renato arrives as Angelika acts the scared victim telling her husband how Marimar had gone into their bedroom and stolen the diamond bracelet.  The police ask for witnesses who can back her story prompting Renato to call on Corazon and Perfecta who were the ones left in the resort all the time.

Pancho and Cruz are left worried in their small hut.  Pancho regrets that being his age, he cannot even be strong enough to defend their granddaughter.  However he is confident of Marimar’s innocence trusting that despite being poor, they have properly raised her to be God-fearing, honest and law-abiding.  He is sure that after a while the police will set her free.

Meanwhile Sergio and his team are in high spirits because of Sergio’s decision to stay and race.  They are having a party and Kim and Sergio exchange smiles after the young man declares, if they are partying in the Philippines, we they might as well party here in Macau, too.

Later, after heavy partying, a drunken Sergio is assisted to bed by Antonio as Kim tags along.  When Sergio slumps on the bed, Kim lies down beside him and orders Antonio to leave them alone with a knowing smile.

Back at the resort, Corazon admitted that she did see Marimar but only in the beachfront area and never inside the resort’s premises, especially not in the private residence of Renato and Angelika.  However Perfecta claimed she saw Marimar sneak into the couple’s room and take the bracelet.  Marimar tells Perfecta she is lying and in fact, they have never seen each other but Perfecta insists on what she saw.  Marimar asks Angelika to do the right thing by her and tell the truth which leads Angelika to emote that Marimar is not only a thief she is also a killer reminding her how she killed their baby.  This angers Renato who dismisses Corazon and Perfecta and orders the police to take Marimar to jail.

Kim kisses Sergio on the lips when the young man starts to call out Marimar’s name.  Sergio, thinking it is indeed his wife kisses back but later pushes Kim away as soon as he realized who it was he was kissing.  He stands and leaves Kim who smiles at her conquest.

Marimar is resisting the cops who are taking her to prison, she still asks for Angelika’s help but she just continues to deny anything Marimar claims.  Marimar is crying and calling Angelika a liar over and over again, as the police drag her to the vehicle that will take her to prison.

Next:  Nicandro burns down Pancho and Cruz hut at Angelika’s bidding.

My take:  If Arturo and Sergio are indeed close since childhood, then they must have several secret coded languages that is meaningful only to them and can perhaps use this to converse without seeming to pass on information to the unsuspecting Angelika.  Also there is the text messaging that they can use, so that Angelika would be unable to know that Arturo is talking and passing information to Sergio about what is really going on with Marimar.  Again Renato should have recognized the disputed bracelet as belonging to his departed wife.  For all his possessive tendencies over Villa Santibanez, he failed at the one thing that appears to be of such value to Sergio and his mother.  Who picked up Marimar’s necklace?  Could it be the slimy Nicandro hoping to extract a few pesos from it in the pawnshop?  I hope it is Choi who can restore it to Marimar.  How can Angelika and Perfecta sleep at night with all the lies and scheming that they do, and Monica too?  I can’t wait for Marimar’s transformation to the rich heiress that she will soon be.  Did you think Sergio and Kim’s kiss hot?  Lucky part for Dingdong having all these gorgeous ladies clamor for him eh?

Quotables:  Angelika full of disgust and loathing to the muddied Marimar, “Ginawa mong baboy ang sarili mo, nilublob mo sa putikan.”

Kim handing her proposal to Sergio whom she desires, “I want you to read it tonight in bed para naman naiisip mo ako.”

Sergio to Kim about her proposal for a partnership, “I’m a married man and I’m madly in love with my wife,” then adds, “I’m flattered but I have to decline your offer.”

Angelika to Arturo’s lying to Sergio, “Pang-best actor ka pala eh, este best actress pala.”

Still Angelika to Arturo after she’s called the police about Marimar stealing her bracelet, “Winner, aminin mo yan.”

Marimar, pleading Renato to believe he, “Senor mahirap lang po ako pero hindi po ako magnanakaw.”


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