Marimar episode 30 – the one with the bracelet in the mud scene

October 7, 2007

Marimar Episode 30 – The one with all that mud

Marimar faints as Padre Pores successfully stops her from taking her life. She is also bleeding. Meanwhile Sergio stops his race car with his friend demanding why he is driving like a mad man. Sergio replies he just wants to test the cars capabilities.

Back at the resort, Renato asks her secretary to prepare a cheque for his wife’s allowance as well as another one for their household expenses. His secretary tell him that they need to transfer funds from his personal account into the resort’s account in order for the cheques to clear. Renato is worried that until now, there is still no money generated from the resort.

Padre Pores and the nurse talk about Marimar’s condition. The nurse confirms that Marimar is indeed pregnant, showing the results from a pregnancy kit. She also assures the priest that Marimar is not in any danger but will need to get a proper ultrasound to see how the baby is doing as she did have some bleeding.

Sergio and Antonio are discussing more racing tactics but clearly, Sergio’s heart and mind is not in it. He is calling someone off his cell phone as his friend is talking about the race. When his friend scolds him for not paying attention, Sergio complains that all they do is talk and talk but they are in Macau to race yet no race seems to be happening. Antonio tells him to calm down and suspends him for his brash actions.

Fulgoso watches over the sleeping Marimar and sees the food prepared for her on the table. He tries to get a piece of bread and eat it. He is caught in the act by Padre Pores but ignores the deed as Marimar awakes. The priest asks the young woman to have something to eat but she refuses telling the priest that life no longer holds any meaning for her as Sergio and her are now far apart. Padre Pores tells her she must not make Sergio the sole center of her life. Besides she has something more meaningful to look forward to and the priest reveals that she is pregnant, carrying Sergio’s child. This puts a bright smile on Marimar’s face, the first one in many days since being parted from her husband.

Having eaten and changed into fresh clothes, Marimar is helping out do some church chores. She is sweeping the floors when Pancho and Cruz arrive. They tell her they know that she doesn’t want to see them but ask for her to understand whatever it is they did in the past. Marimar still declines to talk to them and Cruz asks her if she does not care for them anymore. Marimar runs away as Padre Porres arrives. The elderly couple asks for the priest help in talking to Marimar.

Marimar is in Padre Porres’ office and she admits that what she did is bad but she is still upset with her grandparents for keeping her in the dark about her true identity. The priest assures Marimar that he understands how she feels but she must never forget that Pancho and Cruz for whatever faults they may have, truly love her and have raised her as their own. She may want to go and look for her own parents but she can never deny that the couple who she knows to be her grandparents truly adore and love her. This softens Marimar a bit as she listens to the good priest’s advice.

Corazon is asking Arturo to call Sergio and tell him that Marimar had run away from her grandparents’ home. The cook insists that this matter must be relayed as soon as possible to Sergio but Arturo dodges it explaining he still has lots to do and that his hands are tied. Corazon tells him that Sergio had made a mistake for trusting someone like him. Angelika smiles as she looks on the exchange.

Sergio is suspended and is in his hotel room trying to contact Marimar. He is surprised to see Kim Chan enter using another key card. The young woman declares that her money can open any door that is locked. She charms her way into Sergio’s attentions, seducing the young man unabashedly. However all her efforts go to waste as Sergio declares that he wants to go home to his wife whom he loves above anything else. Kim tells him he cannot as she holds all his documents including his passport and working permit so he must stay and race for her. Kim is amazed at how difficult it is to seduce Sergio. She tells him she is more impressed by his hard-to-get approach but Sergio says he is not joking. He truly loves his wife and excuses himself. Kim tells him he is the first man to have ever done this to her. Sergio just shrugs as he walks off.

Angelika catches Arturo who is trying to contact Sergio and takes his phone away from him. With Monica helping, the two bi-atches step on the phone till it breaks. Angelika then reminds Arturo to whom his loyalties should like if he wants to see his siblings finish college.

Marimar gets another visit from Pancho and Cruz and this time she talks to them asking for their forgiveness for how she acted. The couple also asked for her to forgive them for their shortcomings and all is well as they are reunited. Back in their hut, Pancho and Cruz give Marimar the necklace they found with her. They said that she couldn’t remember who she was or who her parents were but they knew that her name would have to be Marimar based on the necklace she was wearing. Both elders admitted that they should really have given it to hear earlier as well as told her the truth. Marimar thanked them for this beautiful token and for taking care of it and her in all these years.

Angelika is asking Renato if he could buy her a horse. She says that she is bored and needs a new hobby. Renato suggests taking care of Fifi but Angelika junks this and tells her husband that she had already ordered riding clothes and there is a batch of horses that came fresh from Africa. She has no idea how poor they are and Renato is silently mulling on this information.

Corazon and Choi are by the beach front talking to a happier Marimar in days. She tells her friends that she is pregnant and both are happy and congratulate her. She says that now, more that ever, she must find and be with Sergio. Corazon gives her a hug and notices her beautiful necklace. She tells them how she got it and Corazon has an idea. She tells Marimar that she can use this to pawn it and get some money. She can then use the money to purchase a ticket to Macau. It is a way to be with Sergio. Marimar thanks them for this and seems keen on their suggestion. Nearby, the nosey Perfecta listens in on their conversation.

Monica and Angelika meet the gay designed the latter has commissioned to create her riding clothes. The tailor tells her that he hasn’t done her orders yet because her cheques bounced. To this Angelika explodes saying that a Santibanez cheque never bounces and screams at the tailor to get lost. Perfecta arrives with her latest gossip which further infuriates Angelika.

Nicandro in ski mask disguises himself as he sets up Marimar so he can steal her necklace. Marimar screams and Fulgoso runs after the thief saying he seems to know that particular smell. However Marimar bumps into another passerby and falls. She winces in pain as she puts a hand on her belly.

Marimar and Fulgoso walk having been unable to catch the criminal who stole her necklace. Angelika in her new horse and riding outfit confronts Marimar and asks him how much she loves Sergio. Would she be willing to do anything just to be with Sergio? To this Marimar replies, yes. Angelika then gets off her horse and gives Marimar her foot. She orders Marimar to kneel before her and kiss her shoes. She is a rich woman with many connections; she can help Marimar so she can fly to Macau and be with Sergio. Despite the humiliation, Marimar kisses Angelika’s booted foot. The villain now shows Marimar a bracelet that Marimar recognizes as hers – the one Sergio gave her – and Angelika admits that it is indeed and she is now returning it to her. Angelika drops the bracelet into the mud. When Marimar moves to pick it up, she hits Marimar’s hand with her whip and tells Marimar that she can only get it with her mouth. In all humility, Marimar who is now in tears bends down to pick up the bracelet with her mouth and as she does this, Angelika further steps on her head to push her further into the mud. She bears this as she bites the bracelet and keeps it securely in her mouth.

Next: Arturo lies to Sergio that Marimar and Choi are always together prompting Sergio to forget about going home and exacting revenge of Marimar by partying with Kim. Marimar being sent to prison for stealing Angelika’s bracelet.

My take: Renato claims he gave the bracelet to Angelika when it was the same one Marimar claims as her own – given to her by Sergio? Which is which? Surely Renato should be able to recognize his dead wife’s bracelet being an heirloom and all. Sergio should trust Marimar more and not believe anyone even Arturo. By now he should know how Marimar loves him above everyone else, silly man. Why didn’t Sergio also leave his number with Marimar before leaving or her grandparents or Padre Porres? Surely he could have left his number with Corazon too being a trusted staff as well as obviously one of the few who likes and cares for Marimar? Why didn’t he leave a phone when he said goodbye to Marimar? Surely he must know that her grandparents’ hut does not have any electricity? The best person he should have left it to would have been Corazon or Padre Porres who would be sure to look in on Marimar and have her best interests. Arturo, for all his love for Sergio can surely find a way to call him without Angelika knowing, i.e. when he is out of the resort and off doing some driving errands.

Quotables: Kim to Sergio, “Kayang buksan ng salapi ko and bawat pintong nakakandado,” explaining how she can get a key card to Sergio’s hotel room.

Still Kim to Sergio who gallantly refuses her advances, “Ikaw pa lang ang nakakagawa nito sa akin.”


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