Marimar episode 29 – The one with the Poker Game, that didn’t go well

October 7, 2007

Marimar Episode 29 – The One with the Poker Game

Marimar confronts her grandparents about her past and who she really is. She asks them if they knew where her real parents are. At first, Cruz tried to deny what Marimar overheard, saying that Pancho and she were only joking but Pancho chose to tell Marimar the truth and admit that they found her by the shore and took her in. They have raised her as their own.

Esperanza and Gustavo are checking out a beach property in San Martin dela Costa and the former exclaims how beautiful the place truly is. She stops a while when Gustavo mentions the name of the place, commenting that it sounds familiar. Then it strikes her that this is the place where Gustavo and his family had the tragic plane crash many years ago, where his cousin had lost both his wife, Lupita and daughter, Marimar. Gustavo confirms that indeed this is the place and that is the main reason why he is investing in it, because of the memories of the past. This annoys Esperanza who advises Gustavo to go and get a life. The obviously happy Gustavo just ignores her and continues to admire the place.

Sergio and his team are setting up for a practice run. His friend asks him to join the gang for a bit of fun night out in the nearby bar but Sergio declines declaring he’s here to work and make some money then return to his wife who is waiting for him in the Philippines.

Cruz chastises Pancho for telling Marimar the truth. Marimar asks why they hid the truth from her for so long a time and presses them until when they will have hidden it from her had she not overheard them talking about it? She snaps that they have been fooling her all these years, keeping her in the dark about her true identity. She blames both Pancho and Cruz for keeping her ignorant about her past. This angers Pancho who slaps Marimar in the face. Marimar walks out on the old couple as Cruz blames Pancho about revealing this to Marimar at a time when she is too depressed, longing for Sergio. Pancho defends that they should have done this a long time ago.

Marimar and Fulgoso are by the shore mulling things over. Fulgoso complains that he is quite hungry but Marimar still feels hurt and does not want to go back and see her grandparents yet. Marimar hopes that her parents are still looking for her and haven’t given up in their search, whoever and wherever they are.

Sergio finally got convinced by his friend to attend the party to welcome their team. Their sponsor, Miss Kim Chan will be there and there is nothing wrong with a little public relations to perhaps even increase their prize money. Sergio tries to call Marimar but cannot reach her. He calls Arturo instead and asks his driver whether he has given the cell phone he left him to his wife but Arturo admits that he has not yet done so being quite busy with errands for the resort. He promises to give the phone to Marimar as soon as possible and quickly bids Sergio goodbye on the pretense that his phone’s battery is getting low.

Marimar is running by the shore and accidentally bumps into Esperanza who snaps at her for not watching where she is going. Marimar apologizes and tells Fulgoso how can such a woman be so hostile and unforgiving.

At the hotel lobby, Sergio awaits their sponsor Miss Chan who arrives complete with bodyguards in black suits. Miss Kim Chan looks very pretty and appears to be the epitome of class. Sergio introduces himself and to his surprise, his lady sponsor already seems to know him well.

Pancho and Cruz look for Marimar by the shore. They see Gustavo and decides that perhaps they should ask the kindly looking gentleman if they have seem Marimar pass this way but suddenly Gustavo received a phone call and their plan to talk to him expired.

Kim Chan tells Sergio that she is half-Filipina and half –Chinese so she can speak in Tagalog fairly well. Sergio asks about the poker party and Miss Chan reveals that it will be held in her suite with only her and Sergio playing against each other. She intimates to the young man that she prefers this especially when the game is ‘strip poker’. Shocked at this revelation, Sergio apologizes that he cannot do this and walks away.

Angelika and Nicandro gang up on Arturo in his room. They know his secret: that of being a closet gay. Arturo denies this but they show him his scrapbook full of Sergio’s pictures as well as notes telling how much he is in love with his childhood friend and boss. Angelika is enjoying herself as she opens Arturo’s cupboard to reveal more pictures of Sergio, some with barely any clothes on! When Nicandro insults Arturo for being gay, Angelika quickly defends him and assures the scared Arturo that they will keep his secret under one condition: that he never gives the cell phone to Marimar and he never tells Sergio the truth about what is going on about Marimar life. In short, he is now a pawn in Angelika’s plots to forever severe the ties between Sergio and Marimar. Having no other choice, the gay Arturo agrees.

Sergio is talking with his racing pal, Antonio complaining that he did not come to Macau to go to parties and socialize, he is here to work. He declares his love and loyalty to his wife and wants to put a stop to any further attempts of matchmaking as he is now very much a married man.

Marimar looks very tired from her wanderings and asked permission from the lady tending a bakery if she could sit a while and rest. The kindly lady agrees and even gives Marimar some bread from her shop. Fulgoso is excited about the bread and is more than ready to eat them when he notices that Marimar had fallen asleep. Thinking Marimar is in trouble, he starts to run and finds Padre Porres and asks him for help. Padre Porres wakes Marimar up.

Sergio calls Arturo and asks whether he had given the phone to Marimar. Arturo lies that indeed he has. When Sergio asks whether he had spoken to Marimar, the closet gay fibs that he hasn’t seen Marimar as she is always not around when he visits her. Sergio asks why Marimar is always away and where does she go and to this Arturo promises that he will look in on the matter and update his boss. Arturo tries to add some advice for Sergio, telling him to be careful and take care of himself, but Angelika slaps Arturo forcing him to end the conversation with Sergio. Angelika reminds Arturo that Renato is paying for the education of his younger siblings and if he wants to continue receiving this privilege, he must cooperate with her and do everything that she wills.
Marimar is now with Padre Pores in the church. The priest tells Marimar that her grandparents have been looking for her for days now. She requests a favor from Padre Pores: if she could stay with him for a while as she sorts out her feelings for her grandparents. The priest agrees but informs her that he will send a messenger to Pancho and Cruz so that they will know that she is alive and well and can be found in the church. Marimar pleads not to let her parents come and visit her as she is not yet ready to face them. When the priest leaves, Marimar asks Fulgoso where her parents can be right now. Her fervent hope is that they are still alive. Gustavo in his home is hoping the exact same thing. He prays for Marimar and him to be together again.

Sergio tries to call Marimar again but fails. He is worried about his wife and feels guilty for leaving her. He admits how he longs to be by her side and how much he needs her right this moment.

Marimar is at the church’s altar praying. She laments how she seems to be asking for so many questions to be answered and yet no one of them seems to have one. She prays for Sergio, and sighs at just how much she misses him. Marimar asks for God’s help to send Sergio her message about how she feels so sad and lonely without her husband and hopes that they will be reunited soon.

Across the ocean in Macau, Sergio is doing the same thing – praying for Marimar and telling her how he misses her. How he now longs to have he beside him, see her smile, laugh, or get easily wound up from their teasing. How he longs to have her embrace and kiss him. He prays to God to take care of his wife while he is away and for Marimar to wait for him.

Marimar sees the bell tower. Sergio is still trying to call Marimar. His friend chastises him for not being focused in his training. Marimar climbs up the stairs to the bell tower. Fulgoso sensing something is wrong runs to find Padre Pores.

Marimar is now on top of the tower. She is at the end of her rope and wants to end her life of misery and loneliness. Sergio is in his car, running a practice race. Marimar scream Sergio’s name as his car seems to be in trouble. His car rumbles and skids to a stop.

Padre Pores is on top of the bell tower and asks Marimar to think about what she intends to do. Marimar reasons she cannot take the pain any more. The priest tells her she’s never been a coward and that whatever it is that she is suffering now, she will be able to overcome this. Marimar loses consciousness and the priest catches her fall.

Next episode: The famous mud scene.

My take: Sergio should have just taken Marimar with him to Macau; in that case he won’t be as distracted as he is now. Oh well, but that would have been against the plot. Arturo can still be true to his promise to Sergio while pretending to help Angelika. If he really does love Sergio, he’d go the extra mile to help out his friend. He can call Sergio when he is not in the resort premises so that Angelika wouldn’t be able to catch him telling the truth to Sergio, right? There are many ways to skin a cat, so they say.

Quotables: Cruz to Pancho as they look for Marimar, “Nasaan na kaya ang batang iyon?” to which Pancho, being deaf, replies, “Anong ‘battalion’?”

Kim Chan to Sergio, very seductively, “Oo sa suite ko, tayong dalawa lang. I like my parties to be private, lalo na kung gusto kong mag-strip poker.”

Angelika to Nicandro who is mocking the gay Arturo, “Eh ano naman ngayon kung bakla siya. Tao pa rin sila hindi salot.”

Sergio to Antonio about being loyal to Marimar, “Iniwan ko na nga siya sa Pilipinas, the least I could do is be faithful.”

Gustavo and he speaks in his mind to his missing child, Marimar, “Gabi-gabi kong pinagdarasal na magkasama na tayong muli, anak.”

Sergio to Marimar who is oceans away, “Asan ka na ba Marimar? Bakit kasi nagawa ko pang iwan ka? Marimar sana naririning mo ako ngayon, kailangan kita dito.”

Still Sergio to Marimar (in his mind) “Hinahanap-hanap ko ang iyong ngiti, tawa, magka-pikon, ang iyong mga yakap at halik.”


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