Marimar episode 28 – The one where marimar returns to Villa Santibanez, for a while

October 7, 2007

Marimar Episode 28 – The one where Marimar returns to Villa Santibanez

Pancho and Cruz worry about Marimar’s state. They feel sorry for their granddaughter yet they really cannot do anything about the situation. It is the first time they’ve seen her so depressed. Their only hope is that she will be able to handle this trial that is now before her.

Marimar walks back to the villa and finds Corazon. She begs the cook to let her in, even just to see the flat she shared with Sergio for a while. Corazon hesitates at first saying she fears about consequences should Renato find out about it. Corazon asks for the guard, Mike, for some help. Marimar continues to plead and both staff relent. When she is about to enter, Perfecta finds and stops them but Marimar begs her who outright denies her request. This causes Marimar to run and slip into villa number 2, her previous home with Sergio. Inside, she cries and Corazon consoles her.

Sergio gives Arturo a cell phone and a letter for Marimar. He asked his friend to give it to his wife and to constantly visit her to keep an eye on her until he returns.

Fulgoso and Fifi meet anew telling how they miss each other. Fulgoso tells the female mutt that she also misses her dog food.

Renato arrives looking for Sergio. Angelika tells him the young man had left but that Marimar is in villa number 2. He calls Nicandro to go and drag Marimar out of the resort. Nicandro goes up to the bedroom and drags Marimar to the lobby. Corazon begs Nicandro not to hurt Marimar. Marimar begs Nicandro to let her stay for a while in the room but he tells them that he is just following orders. Marimar begs Renato to help her talk and see Sergio. Renato reminds her that she caused his family a lot of pain just recently; how could she even have the nerve to ask for his help. He orders Nicandro to take her out of the premises and declares he never wants to see her again in the villa.

Choi and Natalia talk about Marimar coming. Natalia warns Choi to no longer befriend Marimar is she is not persona non grata in the resort. Choi said he doesn’t care, Marimar is his friend and as a friend he will help her in any way he can.

Finally the two dogs admit their feelings for one another but Fulgoso had to leave seeing Marimar being dragged off the resort. Fifi cries for Fulgoso to come back – since it is improper to have just arrived and leave again at once.

Outside the gates, Nicandro is harshly dragging Marimar. Corazon continues to plead the thug not to hurt Marimar. Choi arrives and tells Nicandro to leave Marimar alone. The cowardly thug leaves as Corazon and Marimar embrace but not without a warning to the guard Mike to keep her out of the resort or else it will be to Renato that they will have to be accountable. Corazon apologizes for the situation and at her powerless to even help her. She advises the grieving Marimar to go home and take care. Choi offers to take Marimar home. Marimar hugs Fulgoso as she cries about Sergio finally leaving her and Fulgoso – that it is just the two of them again.

In the kitchen Corazon asks why they are treating Marimar that way, when she is still Sergio’s wife. Perfecta defends her mistress and Corazon snaps back at her because she is as awful as her boss, Angelika. Arturo arrives and asks whether Marimar is still in the premises. Corazon said she’s already left. Arturo declares he’s got a letter and a phone for Marimar from Sergio. Hearing this, Perfecta goes off to tell her mistress about this new bit of information.
Meanwhile Angelika is in villa number 2, asking the staff to clear off anything that reminds her of Marimar. Perfecta tells Angelika about the letter and phone.

Pancho thanks Choi for bringing Marimar safely home. Pancho and Cruz ask her to eat, even just a little bit to put food on her stomach. Marimar says she doesn’t have any appetite.

Arturo is in his room and misses Sergio already. His cabinet is full of Sergio’s pictures and he even keeps a scrapbook of his boss whom he secretly loves. Despite being hurt by Sergio loving Marimar, he will still do as Sergio wished because he loves Sergio very much.

Back at her grandparents’ home, she seems to hear footsteps coming. Thinking it maybe Sergio who has returned, Marimar runs out to meet him only to find the nasty Nicandro. He teases her that since Sergio is now gone, he is very much available. Should Marimar feel lonely especially at night, he would be more than willing to take over Sergio’s place. Marimar doesn’t like his tone and tells him to go. He reminds our young heroine that Sergio is no longer around to defend her. Pancho comes out with a huge jungle knife (bolo) and Cruz yells at him to leave them at once and stop bothering Marimar. He explained he just came to bring some more stuff Angelika doesn’t want to keep in the resort – a box of trash not fitting for the classy mansion – and leaves.

In Macau, Sergio is welcomed by his team. In the island Marimar cries when she sees her framed photo and a picture of her and Sergio. She asks the Sergio in the picture whether he thinks about her. She laments how hard it is but then she did promise Sergio she will be strong and brave all of this, so she will try her best to keep her promise. She just feels very hurt. Fulgoso asks Marimar to stop talking at the picture.

Arturo wakes up to find the next day that the letter and cell phone is no longer in his cabinet. Angelika had asked Perfecta to steal it.

Marimar is still talking to Sergio in the picture about his many broken promises. She is heart-broken about the fact that everything Sergio had promised her are left unfulfilled. Meantime Sergio is calling from Macau to the cell phone he gave Arturo. It is not in Angelika’s possession – who refuses to answer it because then Sergio will know that they have taken it. Sergio tells his friend that he is very eager to talk to his wife but there seems to be no connection for now. His friend tells him to just keep trying, maybe later in the evening.

Marimar is hugging her wedding dress as she continues to cry. Cruz comforts her reminding her that Sergio has just left and it will a while before he returns so she advises Marimar to be strong. Marimar tells her she is in so much pain, she wants to die. Cruz begs her not to think that way.

Perfecta hands Angelika the letter Sergio wrote for Marimar. Angelika tears it as Renato walks in asking what it is his wife is tearing. Renato asks if this is Sergio’s letter for her and Angelika denies it is not hers but Marimar’s. Renato demands why she is tearing it when it is not hers and asks whether she is still in love with Sergio. Angelika denies it. Renato tells Angelika to leave them alone. Sergio and Marimar are still married so if they get back together, it is not really something that should bother her. What is important is Marimar is not longer in the villa and poses no threat to them.

Meanwhile Cruz cries to her husband that Marimar is truly pitiable. She had cried herself to sleep. It is not the first time that she had been left behind. First she was left behind by her own parents, now Sergio, and later – since they are already old – they too will leave her. Despite not being their real granddaughter, they do love her like she was their own. They didn’t know that Marimar had awakened and heard their conversation. She confronts her grandparents who seem to be dumbstruck.

Don Gustavo Aldama is visiting the island of San Martin de la Costa with his cousin Esperanza. Will their paths cross now with the daughter he’d been searching for in all these years?

Next episode: Sergio gets invited to a private poker party by a really hot Chinese woman played by Christine Reyes. Marimar goes up the church’s bell tower to take her own life. Sergio seems to have figured in a racing accident.

My take: Why didn’t Sergio leave Marimar a phone when he left her in Pancho and Cruz’ home the first time? Also how could Marimar re-charge her cell’s battery since they do not even seem to have electricity on the island? His racing mate told him it is best not to take his wife along as Sergio doesn’t need additional distractions but isn’t he clearly distracted in his efforts to call his wife? Should he have been less worried and in good racing condition if he knew Marimar was alright? Where is common sense when you need them in your teleseryes?!

Quotables: Sergio to Arturo about Marimar, “Ikaw na ang bahala sa kanya ha? Wag mo shang pababayaan.”

Fifi to Fulgoso, “Fulgoso nananaginip ba ako, is that really you?”

Fulgoso to Fifi, “Fifi kahit askal ako, hindi ako sinungaling. Mahal kita, totoo. Galing dito.”

Arturo to Sergio (picture), “Ang kababata mo, kasabay mong lumaki, totoong nagmamahal sa iyo nang bonggang bongga. Mahal na mahal kita Sergio.”


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