marimar episode 27

October 7, 2007

Marimar Episode 27 – The one where Sergio leaves for Macau

Renato demands why his wife and Monica are drinking and seem to be in such a happy mood after all that had just happened in their family.  Angelika reasoned she is not celebrating.  Monica defends her friend saying that this is Angelika’s way of forgetting about her loss.  Renato calms down and tries to comfort his wife.

Sergio had brought Marimar back to his grandparents’ home.  Pancho and Cruz discuss his reasons for returning/leaving Marimar with them.  Pancho is quite upset about the whole idea and doubts Sergio’s motives.  He inquires why Sergio cannot take his wife along with him.  Cruz defends the young man and explains to her husband that perhaps there are reasons that they do not know but to give Sergio the benefit of the doubt.  Marimar sits close by hearing her grandparents’ arguments but does not seem to care.  Clearly she is depressed and had been crying since Sergio left her.  Cruz hugs Marimar trying to comfort her as the young woman pines why Sergio never even told her he loves her.  She cries to her grandmother how painful it is to be parted from the man she loves.

Sergio and Arturo are having their usual drinking session as they discuss Sergio’s decisions of late.  Sergio feels really bad for Marimar.  He worries that she will not be able to bear being away from him.  Arturo encourages his young boss whom he secretly loves.  He tells Sergio that he made the right decision and that he is doing it for Marimar as well.  He is chastising himself for being such a bad husband but Arturo argues that he had been quite good in caring for and defending Marimar.

Marimar continues to shed tears while she looks back on the past months recalling her happy moments with Sergio: the one when he asked her to marry him; the one when Marimar asked Sergio to kiss her again; their wedding ceremony.  She sobs as she asks Fulgoso if this is truly the end of her and Sergio.

Renato tells Angelika to move on and try to forget about the past. He suggests that they try for another child prompting Angelika to say she is still grieving for the one she just lost and is not yet ready.  Sergio walks in on the two and tells them about his plans of going back to racing and leaving for Macau the next day.  This piece of information shocks Angelika who didn’t see it coming.  Renato sees this and the seeds of doubt about his wife’s true feelings are planted anew.

Pancho and Cruz urge Marimar to eat as she had not taken any breakfast.  Marimar says she does not feel like eating and would rather go to bed and rest.  The elders discuss about her condition and notices that even their dog, Fulgoso seems to be as depressed as Marimar.

Sergio is looking for Arturo when he bumps into Angelika who pleads with him not to leave.  Sergio told her that if there one person who can change his mind and make him stay, it is his wife, Marimar and no one else, not even her had any power over him now.  He walks out leaving Angelika in tears.  Renato finds his wife in tears and comforts her thinking she is crying about her lost baby.  Renato does not know that she is crying about Sergio leaving and that her declarations of love were meant for his elder son and not the imaginary child they’ve just lost.

Fulgoso howls about not even having had the chance to say goodbye to Fifi.  Meanwhile back at the resort a cute Fifi is looking around for Fulgoso damning herself for falling for such a mongrel but also admitting that she does miss the mutt.

Arturo updates Corazon about Sergio and Marimar.  The latter feels really sorry for Marimar but Nicandro butts in saying it is only proper that they should be separated as Marimar is not really the type of woman that befits a man of Sergio’s status.  Irritated at this uncalled for snipe, Corazon and Arturo walk away leaving the slimy Nicandro to sneer alone.  In the resort gardens, Natalia and Choi seem to be talking about the same thing.  When Natalia asks if Marimar is flying off with Sergio, Choi says no and comments that had he been in Sergio’s place, he would never leave Marimar all alone.  Natalia gets a bit annoyed at this but walks on.

Sergio’s racing friend hand him an air ticket and is excited about Sergio once again being part of his old team.  When he inquired about Sergio’s wife, the young lad lied that everything is okay and there are no problems about them being apart.  His friend leaves and Sergio stares at his passport and ticket for some time.

Angelika and Monica discuss about Sergio leaving as Angelika is frustrated that Sergio is leaving her.  Monica tells her friend to look at the bright side.  At least, she reasons, Marimar and Sergio are now truly apart.  This seems to brighten up Angelika as she vows to make sure that when Sergio returns, Marimar will be long gone and that the two will never get back together ever again.

Sergio goes home to his flat, villa number 2, the place he shared with Marimar for the past few months they’ve been married.  Every corner seems to remind him of his wife as he goes into his own flashbacks about their moments together: their wedding day, goofing around with a camera, the morning after they’ve made love for the first time.  He stares at Marimar photo, in the shelled frame Marimar decorated herself.  He remembers their recent heart-rending farewell by the beach and he cries silently to himself bearing his own pain and being parted from Marimar.

On the other side across the ocean Marimar has decided to fight for her love for Sergio as she intends to go to the Villa Santibanez the very next day to plead with Sergio to stay. 

The next day, Marimar is up and ready as Cruz asks if she wants them to come along with her.  She said there’s not need.  Her grandmother warns her not to get her hopes up but she is confident she will be able to bring Sergio back with her. 

Angelika is up early too, waiting for Sergio and as he walks by, she asks him if he can leave without even saying goodbye to her, not giving her a goodbye kiss.  Sergio states that maybe Renato will not take it well if her wife is caught kissing his son again.  Besides, Sergio adds, it is quite easy to leave her as she does not mean anything to him anymore.  It is only with Marimar that he finds it difficult to leave or say goodbye.  Sergio further reminded Angelika that she is the one who orchestrated all this and should be happy that she finally had her wish come true: having the villa all to herself.

As Sergio prepares to leave, looking around the villa, we see Marimar running from the shore to the villa after the swifter Fulgoso.  Arturo is loading Sergio’s luggage in the van and Marimar arrives in the villa and sees Natalia who tells her Sergio is at the lobby about to leave.

Marimar didn’t make it to the lobby but runs after the van calling out Sergio’s name.  She runs after the van but the distance between her and the vehicle keep getting bigger and bigger she had to stop to catch her breath.  Just then after a curve, Sergio asked Arturo to stop the van.  He looks back but does not see Marimar.  He asks his driver-friend is Marimar would be alright, if she would be able to handle being apart from him.  Arturo know his friend more when he says, maybe the right question to asks is would he, Sergio, be able to bear being apart from Marimar.  Sergio orders his friend to start that van, with a heavy heart he finally decides to push through with his plans.  Marimar looks at the now-empty road.  Sergio has indeed left.

My take:  I cried in this episode.  I thought I’d cry at the previous one; when they parted at the beach…super emote yon pero di naman ako naiyak.  But this time with the flashbacks, hay di ko na talaga nakayanan!  First class ticket pa binigay kay Sergio eh kung i-convert nila yon sa 2 economy tickets eh di sana pwedeng-pwede isama si Marimar.  I still felt Sergio should have made Marimar come along with him.  Kaso lang maiiba nga naman ang istorya at magiging happy ever after na agad sila.  Hay, can’t wait to see what happens next.

Quotables:  Sergio to Arturo “Kung merong award para sa pinaka-walang kwentang asawa, ako na siguro yong panalo don.”

Fifi running around the resort gardens, “Where art thou, Fulgoso?”

Fulgoso to the silent Marimar, “Marimar pipi ka na ba?  Para ka nang si Anghelita ah!  Ay, bulag pala yon.”

 Arturo to Sergio “Bossing baka naman dapat ibahin mo ang tanong mo, kung kakayanin mo ba na iwan si Marimar?”


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