Marimar Episode 26

October 2, 2007

Marimar Episode 26 – The one with the Marimar-Sergio Farewell

Sergio’s friend is pressuring him to join the race and train as soon as possible as he had been out of the racing circuit for over four months. He cannot bring his wife with him as there can be no distractions while he is in training as well as in the actual race. Sergio asks for a few days to think this over but his friend gives him until tomorrow to confirm whether he is joining them or not.

Renato arrives and Monica tells him that Angelika had been rushed to the hospital because Marimar pushed her down the stairs. Renato confronts Marimar hoe she could do such a horrible thing to his pregnant wife. He threatens the young woman that should something bad happen to Angelika or to their baby, she will suffer his wrath. While shouting out his threats, he is also pushing Marimar and also slaps her a bit.

Sergio and Arturo discuss the former’s predicament, wanting to race but worried about leaving his naive wife all by herself. He must choose between the money he will win in the race and the wife that he is starting to truly love. The young race-car hunk is truly in a rut.

Marimar is crying to Fulgoso about the recent stair-falling drama that Angelika had staged so well, making Marimar look like she pushed the pretending-to-be-pregnant Angelika. Our heroine feels so hurt that no one seems to believe her and feels more misfortune is coming her way. Fulgoso tries to comfort his mistress telling her he believes her and that Angelika is a bad person from the start while Marimar is truly good. However, Marimar does not hear her mutt’s consoling words as dogs can’t really talk to humans.

Angelika is crying in her hospital bed, telling everyone who would care to hear her that Marimar had pushed her down the stairs in a jealous rage about her pregnancy. Renato tries to console her and when Renato asked the doctor what happened to their baby, the doctor announced that due to the harshness of Angelika’s fall, she had a miscarriage. This makes Angelika cry all the more and enrages Renato. Monica, the ever faithful friend is on hand to be with her scheming friend.

Marimar laments that she seems to be all alone in the Santibanez mansion, with no one even taking her side in the recent events. Fulgoso feels sad for Marimar and just then, Sergio arrives and asks his wife why she is crying. She tells her husband what had just happened and Sergio assures her that he believes in her. This give Marimar some comfort and tells her husband that nobody else matters and she doesn’t really care for anyone else’s opinion so long as Sergio believes in her. That is all that is really important to her.

Angelika continues to pine about her lost baby and Renato consoles her. She keeps blaming the poor Marimar about her loss. Meanwhile, the resort staff are gathered at Corazon’s kitchen talking about the recent tragedy. Perfecta is blaming Marimar for being so jealous of Angelika that led her to push the latter in her delicate condition. Corazon defends Marimar saying nobody really knows what truly happened. It is true that Angelika did fall but as to whether she was pushed by Marimar, no one can really tell. Choi asks how Marimar could do it when she is such a good person. He declares there must be other reasons that led to Angelika’s fall. Natalia sides with Perfecta stating it is impossible for Angelika to push herself down the stairs and not while she know she is with child. The staff seem to be divided about this while the sneaky Nicandro just listens.

Angelika pays the doctor one hundred thousand pesos for conniving with her about being pregnant and having a miscarriage. The doctor declared that hadn’t he been in such dire need of money, he wouldn’t have had conspired with her. She snaps at the doctor to shut up and just enjoy his new found fortune. Monica listens as she assists her friend take a few puffs off her cigarette.

Renato is back at the villa screaming for Marimar. Perfecta says she may be in Sergio’s flat and Renato storms to villa number 2 and demands Marimar to come down this instance. Scared, Marimar follows Renato’s orders only to be screamed at and have her hair pulled. Renato throws her out of his mansion, telling her to never step foot on the place again. Marimar defends herself, explaining to Renato that she has not done anything wrong and that she didn’t push Angelika. But Renato is enraged and wouldn’t listen to reason as he drags Marimar off the flat she shares with Sergio out in the lobby and on the steps. Sergio arrives pushing his father off Marimar. Renato and Sergio scuffle, pushing one another shouting accusations about their wives. Marimar stops Sergio and Renato starts calling the police on his cell phone. Sergio demands that he has all the right to live in the villa and Renato agrees but denies the same right to Marimar ordering her to leave immediately. Sergio chose to leave with his wife instead but tells Renato that this isn’t over yet. Renato threatens the young couple that should he ever see Marimar in the premises again, he will call the cops to put her in jail.

Monica asks her friend Angelika whether her pain as only plain acting as well to which Angelika admits they aren’t. However she is still in a good mood given that with this new development, Marimar will surely be thrown out of the villa. Monica praises her friend’s great acting abilities and asked whether she was not afraid when she deliberately threw herself down the stairs. Angelika replied she did feel scared but all that is well worth it.

Marimar wakes up looking for Sergio. They seemed to have spent the night on a small cottage by the beach. Arturo arrives bringing Marimar food and explains that Sergio had to go to town for some important business. Marimar tells Arturo that it does not really matter where she and Sergio live so long as they are together.

Angelika just got off the phone with Perfecta who reported that Marimar had indeed been thrown out. When she asked about Sergio, her loyal maid confirmed he too left with Marimar. This puts a bit of a damper on her mood but confidently declares to Monica that Sergio is used to living the easy life and as soon as he finds a little discomfort in their now impoverished and meager surroundings, he will surely come running back leaving the poor Marimar in tears. This prompts Monica to suggest a celebratory drink with her friend. Angelika agrees even jokingly suggesting to replace her dextrose with alcohol.

Sergio and racing pal are in a bar and he reiterates the possibility of taking his wife along. His friend insists that it is not possible. He also pushes Sergio to confirm as the US $100,000 prize money is coveted by other racers who want to join the competition. He is holding them off because Sergio is his first choice but it wouldn’t be so for long. Hearing the prize to be a huge amount, Sergio orders some drinks to seal the deal. Happy with his decision, his friend joked about ordering a whole case.

Sergio talks to Marimar about his coming race. He explains that for the meantime, it is best that Marimar stays and lives with her grandparents. Marimar feels something is amiss and refuses to part with Sergio. Sergio asks for forgiveness and explains that the current situation only asks for them to be apart for a few months. Marimar cries saying she cannot bear to live without her husband. She is going to die if a day goes by without her seeing Sergio at all. Sergio is clearly torn at how distressing this decision is on his wife but he must do this to be able to help raise money for their bankrupt resort as well as save some for him and his wife.

Renato brings Angelika home from the hospital and carries her off the car to the wheelchair. She is still acting the bereaved mother who lost her unborn child taking extra notice of her dog, Fifi, telling Perfecta to take care of her. Renato confirmed that he had thrown Marimar out. Angelika fears that she may come back and attack her again to which Renato assures her that once she does that, Marimar is surely bound for prison.

Sergio brings Marimar to her grandparents and explains he is going to Macau for a racing competition and would feel better if Marimar is with people who love her and keep her safe until he returns. Cruz asks why he needs to race when he can just work in their company. Sergio explains they are having problems in their resort and needs this race to earn some money. He promised to come back and take his wife as soon as he finishes with the race. Marimar is still crying and is quite gloomy as this scene is being played out. She continues to beg Sergio not to go.

Angelika and Monica are jubilant and are having a celebratory drink on the resort gardens. They toast to Angelika’s success and to Marimar’s downfall, wishing her never-ending misery and that Sergio leave her. Renato walks in on the two and demands why they seem so happy when they have just lost a child.

Marimar and Sergio are on the beach saying their goodbyes while Arturo waits on a boat to take Sergio back to the main island. This is a truly heartbreaking scene as Marimar pleads Sergio to stay and Sergio obviously so torn and miserable at his wife’s unhappiness. Sergio asks Marimar to trust him. Marimar begs him not to leave her. Sergio asks his wife to understand what he must do. Marimar implores her husband to stay as she cannot bear three months of being apart. She admits that even now, she cannot bear the pain of their parting. Sergio begs for her to be strong and promised that he will return for her as soon as possible. He kisses her and tries to leave but Marimar calls out and they embrace again this time Marimar imploring Sergio to stop. She embraces him so tight Sergio had to disentangles himself from her arms. He walks without ever looking back to his wife but his face clearly show how painful this is for him. Marimar screams, “Sergio, I love you!” as she sees him board the boat.

Marimar is down on her knees full of misery as she again says, this time in a soft whisper her love for Sergio. On the boat, Arturo navigates as Sergio broods on the port side. In his mind he says, “Be careful Marimar, I love you.”

Next episode: Marimar cries to her grandmother and decides she will fight for her and Sergio’s love. She rushes to the villa in search of her husband but Sergio’s already left in a van bound for the airport. Will he see Marimar running after the van?

My take: Hay, so sad! This is truly a heart-rending episode one where you will have Angelika even more, curse Renato for his hot temper, love Sergio for finally admitting his love for his wife and cry for Marimar who will experience so much more pain and misery once Sergio is gone. The beach farewell is a classic.

Quotables: Fulgoso as Marimar cries about how Angelika set her up “Dapat di Angelika ang pangalan nya, dapat demonita”

Monica to Angelika at the hospital when they were finally alone: “Wow friend, di ka lang pala artista, stuntwoman ka pa! Di ka ba natakot na baka mamatay ka doon sa pagkakahulog mo sa hagdan?”

Angelika to Monica: “Di ako mamamatay kasi masamang damo ako. Si Marimar good kaya kukunin na sha ni Lord. hay sana nga kunin na sha ni Lord.”

Sergio to Pancho and Cruz: “Pupunta po ako sa Macau.” Surprised Pancho (who is a bit deaf) exclaimed, “Ano? Si Marimar matakaw?”


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